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Amahl Farouk was Storm's lover and the leader of the group of thieves that she and Lady Deathstrike once belonged to. When Storm's power manifested and she summoned lighting for the first time, she accidentally electrocuted Farouk. During this time, his mind was sent to another dimension where he encountered the Brood, and became the Shadow King. After joining the X-Men, Storm started writing a play called the Shadow King in secret, only telling it to Professor X and Shadowcat. Shadow King eventually started plotting his revenge against Storm, speaking to her in one of her dreams, she then woke up and prepared to add the dream to the play. He later contacted her while she was awake and warned that he was "coming for her". Eventually, he attempted to kill Storm, but was forced out of her mind when she (apparently) fatally electrocuted him. Upon waking, she was comforted by her teammates, and deleted the play from her personal computer, stating that that part of her life was over now.[1]



  • Telepathy: Shadow King possesses telepathy and the ability to take over other peoples' dreams.


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