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Amahl Farouk was the leader of the underground syndicate located in the "Thieves' Quarter" of Cairo, Egypt. He was a powerful mutant who also operated as a vessel for the Shadow King.[1]

While Charles Xavier was touring Cairo he had his pockets picked by Ororo, a girl "trained" by Farouk. After catching her, Xavier was suddenly stuck by a psi-bolt sent from the possessed Farouk and was knocked unconscious. He awoke and entered a nearby saloon owned by Amahl. Farouk greeted Xavier and then offered him a partnership. Xavier refused and challenged Farouk to a duel. After a brief battle, Xavier mentally defeated Farouk; after that, Xavier took his leave from Cairo.[1]

Despite his apparent death at Xavier's "hands", Farouk reappeared many years later as the Shadow King once more.[2]

Farouk later became a citizen of the mutant-only island of Krakoa.[3]

Farouk began mentoring a group of young mutants, who did not like their appearance and encourage their synergizing of their powers, such as experimenting with the corpses in the Boneyard.[4]

Although he had the New Mutants trust, Scout was suspicious of him and after warning her friends to stay away from him several times she was eventually forced to confront him. While they were alone he told her he still feels the Shadow Kings influence but it's weaker on the island and that he wanted to make sure these children could protect themselves. The next day Gabby was found dead after Magneto and his fellow omega level mutants terraformed Mars.[5]




  • Conscious Swapping


  • Resembles king Farouk I of Egypt.

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