Amahl Farouk was the leader of the underground syndicate located in the "Thieves' Quarter" of Cairo, Egypt. He was a powerful mutant who also operated as a vessel for the Shadow King.[1]

While Charles Xavier was touring Cairo he had his pockets picked by Ororo, a girl "trained" by Farouk. After catching her, Xavier was suddenly stuck by a psi-bolt sent from the possessed Farouk and was knocked unconscious. He awoke and entered a nearby saloon owned by Amahl. Farouk greeted Xavier and then offered him a partnership. Xavier refused and challenged Farouk to a duel. After a brief battle, Xavier mentally defeated Farouk; after that, Xavier took his leave from Cairo.[1]

Despite his apparent death at Xavier's "hands", Farouk reappeared many years later as the Shadow King once more.[2]

Farouk later became a citizen of the mutant-only island of Krakoa.[3]



  • Resembles king Farouk I of Egypt.

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