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Amahl Farouk in his human form.

The Shadow King was once a powerful telepathic man in Egypt. He had some business with the young Ororo Munroe. He strived to keep her home, so long as she could serve him with her gifted mutants powers of weather manipulation. Eventually, Professor Xavier (long before being crippled) showed up and freed Ororo from his grasp. The Shadow King was enraged and attempted to attack Xavier. They fought in their telepathic forms, but the Shadow King was defeated and destroyed. His spirit was left disembodied.

Now known as Shadow King, he has been jumping host to host to take control of his former associate, Ororo, now known as Storm and made her believe that Africa was burning before her, which resulted in Storm flooding her homeland while attempting to save it.

He was thwarted by the unexpected arrival of the X-Men and defeated and destroyed by Emma Frost in their telepathic forms, with a little advantage that he relied on a host to survive.[1]

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Needs a host to survive in his spirit form

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