Amahl Farouk was a powerful Mutant telepath, who used his abilities to overthrow a King in Morocco and install himself in his place. Through the Astral Plane he became aware of another mutant named Charles Xavier and readily welcomed his arrival. However, just as Charles began to suspect Farouk to be more malevolent than he seemed, his son David from the future arrived and warned him of the true danger that Farouk possessed. The two of them decided to take on Farouk together and David posed as Charles' military friend who joined them for the dinner. Attempting to read his guest's mind, Farouk found mental defences in place and excused himself from the conversation before David could attack him. While meditating, he was approached by a future version of himself who also had followed David back in time, which the younger Farouk found fascinating.[1]

David and Charles confronted both Farouks and David attacked the younger one, taking him to the Astral Place. Revealing himself as Legion, David battle Farouk and eventually prevailed over him. However, the future Farouk had instead made a deal with Charles, revealing that he had become wiser with age and did not approve of his younger self's reckless behavior. David and the older Farouk stopped David from killing the younger Farouk, who was then shown by his older self the atrocities that he would commit. This caused the younger Farouk to feel remorse and experience a change, bringing him in line with his older counterpart. Both Farouks then parted peacefully with Charles and David, willing no more harm to either member of their family.[2]


  • Telepathy: Farouk has vast telepathic powers, which grant him numerous different abilities. He is able to invade, manipulate and sense the minds and thoughts of others, as well as transmit his own thoughts.
    • Astral Projection: Farouk is shown be adept on the Astral Plane, proving a formidable opponent for David Haller.[2]
    • Consciousness Manipulation: Farouk can manipulate consciousnesses of others. He had trapped the mind of a King he had overthrown in the body of a monkey and dozens of minds of the King's former subjects in the mind of a young child.[1]


  • Multilingual: Farouk can speak Farci and English.

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