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Amalia Chavez was a practiced microbiologist and a renowned doctor from the Bronx alongside her wife Elena, a pathologist. While their two daughters, America and Catalina, were infants, America was diagnosed with Edges Syndrome- a fatal genetic disease linked to the XX chromosomes in girls.

Amalia debating Gales' offer

Four months after the diagnosis, the Doctors Chavez were invited by billionaire Mr. Gales to his private island far from the coast of Long Island, dubbed "The Utopian Parallel", where he had established an advanced medical facility to research Edges Syndrome.

When Gales showed Amalia and Elena the Starling Chamber, Gales revealed a doorway to a pocket reality where the natural energies could allow for a treatment and give their daughters the chance to grow up as the pocket sapce's inherent energies could allow them to recover from their diagnoses. However, feeling the chamber's use would be unethical due to a plethora of unaccounted for variables, Amalia and Elena originally believed in refusing the offer until Gales' played on their daughters futures and convinced them to stay.[2]

Amalia's last act.

For two years, Amalia worked with Elena on Gales' research. But as he became more fixated on America learning how to generate portals, Amalia realized Gales was intent on privatizing the process and the girls. With America in remission and Catalina still healthy, Amalia initially worried for her daughters until she and Elena formed a plan to escape with the other girls.

However, while Amalia got the other girls to rendezvous to meet with Elena, she was spotted on the way by the island security and led them to the chamber. There, she called her wife to tell her and their daughters she loved them, while unpinning a grenade to throw into the chamber. Amalia destroyed the chamber and the area of the island with it, as the explosion killed herself and her pursuers in the attempt to allow Elena to exfiltrate the children.[3]


From America's traumatic fantasizing of events, Amalia and Elena were reimagined by America as superheroes and the Utopian Parallel as a paradisal dimension beyond the Multiverse in the presence of the Demiurge.

Amalia's fantasized death in America's mind

In this fantasy, Amalia and Elena heroically sacrificed themselves to prevent Utopia from being dragged into the common Multiverse by black holes and their particles were dispersed across the Multiverse itself. America chose to become a superhero to honor both mothers.[4][5]

The "Amerimoms" were briefly "resurrected" to act as pawns of Mother. Due to a spell from Loki, the "Amerimoms", Captain Glory, and Star Splendor were banished.[6]

Elena & Amalia speak to their daughters

Approximately thirteen years after death, Amalia and Elena's research was used by Catalina after Gales forcefully stimulated her Edges Syndrome to replicate America's powers. After Catalina escaped Gales' custody, she replicated their research to a modest extent and took in 30 young girls for testing. As Catalina gave America sodium thiopental to remember the truth, the former coerced America into opening a Star Portal to bring their mothers back to life. Both daughters could hear the voices of their mothers, but the voices stopped after the portal opened which tragically sent Catalina anywhere in the Multiverse. When America returned to New York, she distributed Amalia and Elena's research to the scientific community, which earned them recognition for their studies in the newspapers.[2][3][7]


  • Amalia took Elena's last name when they got married.[8]
  • Amalia was the one who gave birth to America.[8]

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