Amalric the Aquilonian was part with Conan of a mercenary army that invaded Stygia and got annihilated by treachery. They'd become separated, but Conan spied him, days later, with a beautiful girl named Lissa, chased across the night desert by seven fiery-eyed, skull-faced horsemen, who vanished as soon as the Cimmerian rushed to them. Amalric took Lissa back to her birthplace, Gazal, only to save her again from Ollam-Onga, the demon of the red tower. Chased again by the skull-riders, they reached Tombalku, where Amalric eventually slew a local wizard named Askia. As they encountered an approaching caravan outside the city gates, they persuaded the traders to bypass Tombalku's civil war, and joined the group.[1]

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