Aman Sinaya was one of the three primary Diwata sired by Gaea, along with Bathala and Amihan, and was the goddess of the sea.

Together, the three gods fashioned the first mortals from a bamboo shoot, instilling them with a soul (or "kaluluwa"). The belief in the Diwatas started from approximately 4000 BC.[1]

In 1000 AD, the Third Host of the Celestials occurred, during which the aliens informed they would return 1,000 years later to judge Earth's right to continue existing. While the pantheons prepared for war, Gaea planned a peaceful solution to the problem with many goddesses, among them Aman Sinaya for the Diwatas.

For the next thousand years, they searched for humans representing mankind's highest ideals, to be offered to the Celestials as an offering. The goddesses placed the candidates in suspended animation, with their superhuman potential, the legacy of the First Host, awakened.[2] The worship of the Diwatas lasted until the 16 century AD.[1]


Aman Sinaya wields a sibat (traditional Filipino long spear) and a taming (traditional Filipino round rattan shield).

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