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Amanda Mueller

Amanda Mueller was born in the 19th-century to a presumably wealthy background. She possessed an early example of mutant genes, making her a ripe commodity for the immortal geneticist Nathaniel Essex. Calling himself Milbury, Essex entered into an arrangement with Mueller where she married a man and became pregnant, then feigned miscarriages so that Essex could take these mutant infants and study their genetic material. It seems Mueller was well compensated for her efforts.[3]

In 1891, after surviving a series of miscarriages, Amanda Mueller came under suspicion and was accused of being the Black Womb killer. Milbury testified on her behalf, and she was ultimately found not guilty at trial, although her genuine innocence was still in question. Mueller was married to Daniel Summers, who left Amanda with their only son because he couldn't handle the accusations.[1]

Because of her mutation, Amanda was extremely long lived. Decades ago, she was part of government research project that was gaining research on mutants. Other members included Kurt Marko (father of the Juggernaut and stepfather of Charles Xavier) and Irene Adler (lover of Mystique).[4] Amanda must have had a slowed aging factor as she gave birth to a woman called Fontanelle who was in her early fifties in the early twentieth century. [5]

Amanda headed the Black Womb Project in her later years. In one video she smothered a mutant child for her research. Amanda retained her mutant powers after M-Day. After Mr. Sinister was nearly killed in Messiah Complex, he tried to slip into the mind of Professor X or Sebastian Shaw using his Cronus device. Amanda was aware of Sinister's plan, and vowed to kill Professor X and Shaw so she could steal Sinister's power for herself. While Professor X beat Sinister mentally and Gambit charged up Shaw to destroy the Cronus device, Amanda saw her chance to escape in the ensuing chaos.[6] Her current whereabouts remain unknown.


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Immortal, but not immune to the non-lethal effects of aging, including increasingly wrinkled skin and immobility

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