Travel to USA

Much of Magma's history remains a mystery. Her origins trace back to Brazil and she entered the U.S. through Mexican border, but nothing about her is known before is unknown, and it is presumed that she had lived for a while in a way more different environment.[2] She came looking to join Magneto.

She encountered there Alpha's and Beta's Exonims in the desert west of Tucson. During the attack Magma was shot with a flamethrower by the Exonim unit B-1073, but was completely unaffected. In fact, she walked across to the B-1073 unit and melted him.[3]

Joining Magneto's Resistance

She finally met up with Magneto in Nevada during Operation Pig Iron. The ambush came close to defeating Magneto, but Magma's arrival knocked out or distracted several squads of the non-ferrous Exonims, which enabled Magneto to escape.[4]

Magma has been with Magneto's forces ever since. She later joined the Moonstar's Cadre, a tracking squad led by Dani Moonstar, and participated to Reaper's track.[5]

Amara attired to her the hatred of many human officers and soldiers, especially the Third Battalion who took the unusual step of putting a bounty on her: The one who will kill her would get a month's furlough. Even if those bounties are against the rules, the Colonel Risman turns a blind eye on, seeing this as a benefit for the troops' morale.[6]


Presumably those of Amara Aquilla (Earth-616)#Powers.

  • It is speculated by Henry Gyrich that she is able to generate a temperature of around 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, cause she was able to melt an Exonim.

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