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Quote1.png I'm kinda more the deterrent type! The sort of weapon no one really likes to acknowledge, cause, you know, I can sink continents and divert oceans and stuff! Quote2.png
Magma (Amara Aquilla)



At the time of Nimrod's attack, Magma took part in the battle against the army of the Nimrod.[1]

Reservation X

Amara together with twenty specimens transported for new housing for mutants, where some were not happy with this turn. And Mach Two decides to change the leader of mutants and arranges voting, Magma votes for Kitty Pryde as most of the specimens.[2]

Natural Resources

After the prosperity of Utopia, at the request of Kitty, Magma together with the Black Box and Jimmy hunt group Mach Two who left Utopia. Soon Magma welcomed all the guests mutants, among which was Jean Grey.

Amara told Jean all about Utopia, and asked Jean to where it came from, then Magma introduces Jean with Kitty, which inspired Jean was teaching her the power of telekinesis, not to know it. During the evening bonfire, Amara arranged a salute to use his abilities.[3]

When the army attacked Utopia, Amara, together with other mutants adopted the battle against the soldiers.[4]



  • Pyrokinesis[5]
  • Geokinesis: Amara possesses geokinetic abilities strong enough to create small mountains. [6]

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