Amazing Adult Fantasy (1961) logo.png
Publisher: Atlas Comics
Type: Ongoing Series
Genre: Science fiction, Horror, Fantasy
Status: Finished
Publication Date: December, 1961July, 1962
Red Previous-icon.png Previous Volume8 issues • 54 images • 1 TPB editionNext Volume Red Next-icon.png
Continues from Amazing Adventures #6
Retitled to Amazing Fantasy #15


  • In December of 1961, Amazing Adventures was re-branded as Amazing Adult Fantasy, a title meant to reflect the more sophisticated content being produced by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The magazine carried the slogan, "the magazine that respects your intelligence." With cancellation imminent, the publication would change titles again, this time to simply Amazing Fantasy, for its 15th and final issue (though 3 more issues would later be tagged on by editor Danny Fingeroth).
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