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Quote1.png A small unimportant planet...inhabited by an inferior race! Yet the oxygen atmosphere is suitable for Torr! This planet will make a good satellite for my world! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Torr"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



Synopsis for "Torr"

Amazing Adventures Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Two astronomers watch with apprehension the approach of a space ship. When it lands, a ruthless alien warrior named Torr threatens them with the subjection of Earth. Torr mentally switches bodies with one of them in order to observe Earth culture and places a device on the wrist of the other that he says will act as a beacon to his home planet should the astronomer attempt to speak of Torr's plans. The man grabs a policeman's revolver and shoots Torr's occupied human body dead. This leads to his arrest and trial, whereupon the jury is about to give its verdict, when the man they all thought the victim of the shooting enters the courtroom and informs them of the previous events. When the astronomer shot the body Torr was occupying it forced Torr's personality to return to his true body, where Torr seemingly died and the beacon device crumbled, freeing the Earth from deadly threat.

Appearing in "Masquerade"

Featured Characters:

  • Tommy

Supporting Characters:

  • Kitty Blake
  • Old King Cole (O.K.C.)


  • Tommy is originally from Missouri.
  • Movie Threatre
  • Locust Corners, Hollow Street.
  • The first party was at one end of Hollow Street, known as *Old Hollow.
  • Southeast Hollow Street
  • New Hollow Street.


  • Tommy's normal suit with 'Doubting Thomas.'

Synopsis for "Masquerade"

A too-serious boy named Tommy is taught that it's okay to have fun with make-belief by the girl of his dreams, Kitty Blake, who invites him to a costume party. He arrives at the wrong address without a costume and meets Old King Cole and other fairy tale characters who he thinks are just Kitty's friends acting the part. They call him a "Doubting Thomas" since he doesn't believe in fairy tales. When he leaves the party to phone Kitty to find out when she left (since he hadn't seen her yet), he found out he was at the wrong address. He arrives at the right address and everyone loves his "costume" which he notices is just his plain clothes but silver letters spelling "Doubting Thomas" had appeared.

Appearing in "Midnight in the Wax Museum"

Featured Characters:


  • Wax Figures of assortment of Monsters

Other Characters:

  • Policemen


Synopsis for "Midnight in the Wax Museum"

Amazing Adventures Vol 1 1 019.jpg

A thief thinks that he can hide from the police in a wax museum until the wax figures leave their displays and chase him into the waiting arms of the law.

Appearing in "I Am the Fantastic Dr. Droom!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tibetan Lama (First appearance)
  • Ramu (First appearance) (Unnamed) (the lama's chief aide)



Synopsis for "I Am the Fantastic Dr. Droom!"

A doctor from the United States answers the call from a Tibetan lama but when he arrives is told there will be no payment. He must cross burning coals and face the dangerous half-gorilla, half-lion Gorlion. He passes the lama's tests, but finds the lama is not suffering from disease, merely dying of natural old age. The lama alters the man's appearance to that of an Asiatic mystic and transfers mystical powers to him so that he may battle the occult forces of evil as Dr. Droom.


  • "Torr" reprinted in Strange Tales #175
  • "Midnight in the Wax Museum" reprinted in Strange Tales #175
  • "I Am the Fantastic Dr. Droom!" reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales #19
  • Paul Ramsay's name is spelt two different ways throughout the comic. It is not known which was the intended proper spelling.
  • Dr. Droom is since better known as Dr. Druid.


  • Ramu is not specifically mentioned, but at the end of the story, the chief aide states, "As I faithfully served the master, so shall I serve you!" In the next issue, Ramu is identified as Dr. Droom's 'faithful companion.'
  • It is later revealed in Avengers Spotlight #37 that the Lama in this the Ancient One, who turned Anthony into Dr. Druid to prepare for the arrival of Dr Strange.

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