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Appearing in "The Legend Assassins!"

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  • Other freewomen


Synopsis for "The Legend Assassins!"

Killraven dangles from the tentacles of a Martian at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. Two tripods approach. Killraven slices off one of the tentacles. A Martian says, "We would tear your quivering flesh apart were it not for your political importance!" Old Skull sees Killraven in trouble and knocks M'Shulla down when he tries to block the way. Before M'Shulla can get up, Grok and Carmilla Frost finish off two slavers who threaten him. Old Skull gets past the others, but he is too late—the tripods have carried away Killraven. Mint Julep tells him that she knows where they took Killraven. The freemen escape.

At the White House, Killraven faces the Martian High Overlord, who sentences him to be staked out in the tunnels below. In those tunnels, Rattack tells his rodent companions that he used to be a government agent, before the biological weapons used against the invading Martians changed him.

At the Pentagon, the refuge of Julep's freewomen, she tells the freemen that Killraven is at the White House and that the only safe approach is through the tunnels. The High Overlord tells Killraven, now staked out, that his death will be transmitted through a mural phonics system, which will pick up his feelings as well as sight and sound. To taunt him, they hang his sword nearby. The Martians and their slaves leave. An army of hungry rats emerges from the darkness and begins to feed on Killraven!

The freemen take dyna-gliders through tunnels from the the Pentagon to the White House. Killraven, with one of his restraints chewed through, grabs a torch and scatters the rats. Rattack appears. Killraven gets his sword and begins killing the rats. Rattack sees this and retreats. The freemen arrive.


  • This story takes place in the reality Earth-691.
  • The last five pages reprint a story titled "Face of Fear!" which originally appeared in Marvel Tales #128 (November 1954).

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