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Quote1.png You know .. and I know ... how stubborn K.R. is—and I got a feelin' he just met up with a creature with as vile a nature as his! Quote2.png
-- M'Shulla referring to the reptilian stallion

Appearing in "Something Worth Dying For!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Serpent Horse (First appearance)


Synopsis for "Something Worth Dying For!"

Battle Creek, Michigan, late February 2019. The freemen, on their way to Yellowstone, come across a herd of mutant horses that have the tongues and spikes of reptiles. Killraven drops from a dyna-glider onto the back of a horse, determined to have it for a mount. Their two dyna-gliders have come from Washington, D.C., but the power cells are almost exhausted.

In camp that night, the horse has a bridle. M'Shulla finds a wanted poster with Killraven's picture. Hawk wonders again why they're going to Yellowstone. The Martian High Overlord, according to Killraven, said that a Doctor Saunders was there, and a keeper named Saunders killed Killraven's mother and took his brother.

Carmilla Frost, bathing in a nearby creek, encounters two uniformed men from Battle Creek. Grok kills one. Frost takes the other prisoner. More militiamen attack the freemen camp. One of Killraven's silver stars kills the leader, Racque. Hawk picks up Racque's M23 Thermal Incinerator and throws it to Killraven, who fires at the attackers. All of them die in the explosion. The prisoner, Foropulist, tells them about the Treasure of Battle Creek and their leader, Pstun-Rage the Vigilant.

Next morning, Killraven and a reluctant M'Shulla mount the reptilian stallion. Killraven asks M'Shulla who keeps writing "Killraven was here" on the wanted posters. "Now how would I know?" answers M'Shulla. On their way through the ruins of Battle Creek, they are shadowed by an increasing number of militiamen.

Upon reaching an intact warehouse, they meet Pstun-Rage. He warns them against trying to steal the treasure. Killraven says that treasure would only burden them and asks for their help against the Martians. Pstun-Rage attacks Killraven with his scythe. Killraven knocks it from his hand. Pstun-Rage attacks Killraven with his sickle. Killraven kicks him back, and he falls onto the point of his scythe. Killraven and M'Shulla get back on the stallion and escape. Pstun-Rage, mortally wounded, drags himself into the warehouse. The treasure is safe.

The warehouse contains prizes for boxes of cereal.

Appearing in "The World of Flame!"


  • Northern Route off Iceland

Synopsis for "The World of Flame!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • "Something Worth Dying For!" takes place in the reality Earth-691.
  • The last three pages reprint a story titled "The World of Flame!" which originally appeared in Astonishing #54 (October 1956). The source is given incorrectly as Astonishing Tales #52.


  • In the previous issue, there was no reason given for the trip to Yellowstone, just a mention that Frost had suggested it.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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