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Quote1 ... You'll feel the power of Gorgon's hoof! Quote2

Appearing in "...And the Madness of Magneto!"

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Synopsis for "...And the Madness of Magneto!"

Magneto, mistaking Black Bolt and the Inhumans as fellow mutants, captures them in order to utilize their powers in his crusade against humanity.

Solicit Synopsis

The Inhumans are reunited with Black Bolt - just in time to come face to face with Magneto! Plus - the Yellow Claw, and a girl known only as - Venus!


  • Magneto was last seen in Fantastic Four #104. (Editor Stan Lee's footnote incorrectly says it was Fantastic Four #101).
  • The Mighty Marvel Checklist incorrectly indicates that a Venus and Yellow Claw story will be published in this issue. The letters page of Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #11 notes that the reduced page count (and reduced 20 Cent price) made these stories omission necessary. Both stories were planned reprints of the 1950s' stories. The reprinted Venus story is published in Marvel Spotlight #2. The Yellow Claw story is published in Marvel Premiere #2.
  • Triton does not appear in this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Amazing Mails. Letters are published from Joseph Loeb and Scott McCaughey.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#760-Z.


  • This is one of the few 20 Cent issues produced this month. Most are 25 Cent Giants.

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