Amazing Eight

Amazing Eight (Earth-8) from Spider-Gwen Vol 2 18 001
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Amazing Eight
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Spider-Ham (de facto field leader)
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Twenty years following their marriage, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman were members of the Amazing Eight, the world's biggest super-team, of which Miles and Gwen's children, Spider-Boy and Spider-Girl, were members, alongside SP//dr, another Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, and Spider-Ham.

While Miles and Gwen were off for their second honeymoon, the Amazing Eight were visited by Gwen's younger self from Earth-65, who had been accidentally teleported there. After meeting and being left surprised by her potential offspring, Gwen was offered by Spider-Ham access to a portal back to her universe. Gwen requested their help in defeating the forces of S.I.L.K. back in her universe, but Ham refused. Spider-Girl convinced him to help Gwen out, and the remaining Amazing Eight, minus Miles and Gwen, made their way to Earth-65 to fight S.I.L.K.'s troops.[1]

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