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* Chronologically the next appearance of Spider-Man will be in [[Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 17|Amazing Fantasy #17]]
* Chronologically the next appearance of Spider-Man will be in [[Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 17|Amazing Fantasy #17]]
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[[Category:Sega - Thor]]

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Appearing in "An Amazing World"

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Synopsis for "An Amazing World"

The story started with Peter re-capping his very short career at this time including his origin and then a visit to his Uncle Ben's grave with his Aunt May. A crooked furniture salesman trying to make a deal with May excused that Ben ordered some furniture as a surprise to her. Later as Spider-Man (Peter) views the same salesman trying out the same scam on another potential victim. Spider-Man then follows the man to a warehouse where he finds a group of men targeting widows and widowers for financial gain. The group is led by a man named the Undertaker whom Spider-Man confronts. The group of men are soon called upon, armed at this point, and the very first use of his Spider-Sense aids Spider-Man in dodging the gunfire. Confused as to what just happens, Spider-Man begins to attack the group of men with his newly found Spider-Sense. The men are caught and tied up in a neat little package for the police. On his way home, Spider-Man helps out a couple in his first breakup of a hold-up or mugging. The story ends with Aunt May viewing the news of the events on television as a mysterious woman telekinetically moves a tractor upon the top of an construction site seemingly amused at her newly realized powers setting the stage for next issue.



  • Spider-Man discover the Spider Sense
  • After 33 years the Amazing Fantasy saga continue with this issue.

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