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Quote1.png The Spider. It is the most ancient of hunters. Nine hundred and nine years ago, we pledged our blood in the night. May we govern over darkness, the peace of the world our black hands protect. Quote2.png
Miguel Legar

Appearing in "Not an Angel"

Featured Characters:

  • Araña (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Lynn
  • Dan Stevens

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Not an Angel"

Webcorps Agent Miguel Legar has followed a lead on a "new initiate" to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. As he investigates, he is attacked from behind by an armed gunman; but Miguel had anticipated the attacker- stopping the bullet in mid air with a wave of his hand, before covering the distance with a bounding leap and commanding his attacker to sleep.

The next morning, in Brooklyn, a young student named Lynn rushes through the halls to meet with her best friend, Anya Corazon, in the process damaging the poster of the school bully, Trent. The bully grabs Lynn, until Anya arrives and forces him to let her go, until the principal arrives to break up the fight. Agitated that she didn't get to finish, Anya demands Trent meet her that night by the bridge at the local park- earning her a trip to the principal's office.

On the way home, Anya sees water bursting from the window of her apartment, discovering her father, Gilberto Corazon struggling with the water main. As Anya helps him fix the water, Gil lectures her about how she needs to learn to keep her cool, until he is interrupted by a call from his partner at the paper, Dan Stevens, who needs back-up meeting with a prisoner for a story. Clearing her head on a walk, Anya considers her father's lesson until Trent pulls up next to her, taunting her about her mother's absence, claiming that she abandoned her family.

A few hours later, in Fort Greene Park, Miguel is continuing to close in on The Initiate, pausing to rejuvenate the protective wards to convert the park into a Sanctuary in an attempt to slow the Sisterhood of the Wasp from finding them first. Finishing his spells, Miguel checks one of his matches, which ignites in a sudden burst of flame- indicating The Initiate's close proximity. At the same time, spurned on by the bullying taunts, Anya arrives at the park, just as the Sisterhood of the Wasp make an appearance as well. Miguel attempts to fight the Sisterhood's grunts, but they outnumber him, and after a brief fight- they overpower him, knocking him directly into Anya.

Immediately believing that Anya must be the new Initiate that Miguel is waiting for, Carlos, one of the Wasps, attacks her while Miguel is too injured to intervene, stabbing her through the stomach. By using a weapon in a mystically enhanced Sanctuary, Carlos triggers a magic trap that seemingly disintegrates himself and his Wasp allies, but leaves Anya bleeding to death in Miguel's arms in the middle of the park.

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