Quote1.png It would seem that I'm... your guardian. I will protect you and give guidance. If you will fight for us as our chosen one, I will save your life this one time. Quote2.png
-- Miguel Legar

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Synopsis for "The Promise"

Having been caught in the middle of a conflict between Miguel and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, Anya was left with a fatal stab wound- causing her to bleed out in Miguel's arms. Moving quickly, Miguel creates a magic circle around Anya's body and begins praying to The Spider, which demands a sacrifice- the most precious thing Anya possesses in exchange for continued life. Anya offers up the amulet left to her by her disappeared mother, and as Miguel takes it to channel the spell, he explains that the Spider will only revive her if she is The Initiate, a chosen one that he has been searching for who will join them and fight for them, swearing Anya to their service.

As she fades into sleep, Anya hallucinates that she is encased in a ball of webbing, which forms into a strange chitinous armor, which shatters as she wakes back up, safe and in her own bed the next morning. As she gets out of bed, she sees her room is covered with the remains of spider webbing, and the hole in her hoodie from where she was stabbed is still there, confirming that the events of the prior night did in fact happen. At school, Anya is interrogated about the previous night by her best friend, Lynn, who pointed out that Anya promised to call after the fight, and when she never called back she was beside herself with worry.

Settling into the classroom, Anya overhears Trent, their bully from the previous day bragging about showing up at the park last night, and witnessing Miguel's fight with the Wasp Drones, who he claims to have been Al-Qaeda terrorists sent to bomb the park, but he was on the scene to help Miguel, who he believed to be a CIA operative, clear them out. Irritated by his blatant lies, Anya tells Lynn that they are going to get their old gang back together so they can get to the truth and burn Trent. Meanwhile, Miguel is getting briefed on all the information Webcorps has been able to find out about Anya, confirming that she is just a kid starting high school, much to Miguel's dismay.

After school, Anya and Lynn meet in the gym for their Gymnastics Team practice. While Anya goes through her normal acrobatic exercises, Miguel sneaks into the gym to appraise her talents, using his magic to avoid detection. As he watches Anya repeatedly fail at one of the exercises, he begins to doubt her potential, until he begins to hear a voice call to him- questioning his presence and warning that he is being watched. After practice, Anya returns to the park looking for her locket and hints about the previous night that her blurred memory cannot recall; where she finds Miguel waiting for her. Miguel hands her a business card with Webcorps' address and tells her to meet him there tomorrow for answers to her questions before vanishing.

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