Quote1.png Welcome to the company, Anya, let's hope you survive the first day. Quote2.png
-- Miguel Legar

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Synopsis for "Game Set"

At Webcorps headquarters, Ted Mankowski is enjoying his time with a VR MMO until Miguel forcibly disconnects him, reminding him that they have a meeting to attend, accompanied by Nina Smith. Before the meeting can begin, Simon Sanderson demands a word with Miguel privately in his office. Sanderson pushes for details on why Miguel has elected to bring Anya into the fold, explaining that Ezekiel doesn't run the Society anymore and they can't keep operating like this. Miguel defensively points out that Anya was dying, and reaffirms his believe that she is the Initiative they have been looking for all along.

Following the address on the business card he gave her the previous day, Anya arrives looking to find Miguel. While initially the doorman is quick to dismiss her questions, as soon as he realizes that Miguel is actually expecting her, he quickly turns around and passes her to Nina. While Nina is likewise skeptical, believing that Anya must be one of Miguel's "groupies", Ted confirms that she is in fact the new recruit, and takes her to Miguel- who is still fighting with Sanderson. Sanderson explains that their organization, Webcorps, in an information gathering intelligence company that researches and counteracts criminal activity. Anya is quick to deduce that Webcorps is actually a shell company, with no valid operational license for the work Sanderson claims it does, causing Sanderson to kick her out. As Ted escorts her off the premises, he passes her a drive containing all the information she will need.

That night, Anya travels to Accela, a hip-hop club in DUMBO, where she has planned to meet Lynn and their old gang from junior high. Despite her hopes, Lynn admits that no one actually responded to their invite, but Paul showed up by happenstance. Paul quickly brushes off Anya's attempt to talk to him and explains he has to go. At the same time, Anya gets a call from Ted, explaining Miguel is in trouble and needs her help- sending a helicopter to pick her up. On the helicopter, Ted explains that Miguel needs her abilities, and they can't get back up through proper channels without blowing his cover- but much to Nina's chagrin, Anya has no idea what abilities Ted is talking about. They explain that Miguel was investigating a Wasp operation, but unknowingly entered into one of their Hives, and he is trapped under fire from over a dozen of them. While Ted and Nina argue about proper procedures, Anya takes command- arguing that since Miguel picked her as his partner, in his absence she has the reigns. She drops down on the ladder of the Helicopter to pick Miguel up, but before they can get clear, dozens of drones are able to catch up, forcing them into a fight.

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