Quote1.png The mutants... he said he was going to go fix the mutants. Quote2.png
-- Normie Osborn

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Parkers sneak through the window into their apartment and Annie gets a text from Normie who's trapped at Oscorp Tower at the hands of Mister Sinister.

The Parkers head there, but are attacked by their doppelgängers. They seem to be unstoppable, perfect copies of the Parkers, yet once defeated, Annie unmasks hers to find it's not a clone.

They rescue Normie and he tells them Sinister's after the mutants.

Solicit Synopsis

  • What’s worse than one Spider-Doppelganger?
  • How about a whole army that’s been subjected to the mad science of DOCTOR SINISTER?
  • Can the Parkers complete their mission?

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