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Quote1 The Sin-Eater rises! Quote2
-- Kindred

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Stan Carter recounts his early life, from his parents drug addiction and abusive care under his grandfather. After his grandfather's death, the townsfolk believed he died with sin, denied entry into heaven, and called for a Sin-Eater to absolve him so as to transcend. A curious young Stanley witnessed the Sin-Eater perform, affecting him in some way when their eyes met. Sometime after this event, Stanley's mother returned sober and her working to take him to New York to live a better life.

Throughout adulthood, Stanley heard his grandfather's words of his being "too soft" which he used to spurn his SHIELD enlistment, then joining the NYPD to prove otherwise. After the death of his partner, the priest which oversaw the funeral talked with Stanley on the power of forgiveness, using his own boyhood crime of theft as an example, which ultimately went unconsidered. At a bar, the television narrates the events of Jean DeWolff's death, which seemed unreal to him as she sat next to Stanley. Having a night of romance, Stanley knew she lied to him about who killed his partner, and he interrupted a judge for a warrant, yet finds him with a mistress.

As Detective Carter went in alone to a drug den, he once again saw the news air the Sin-Eater story, which mentioned Sin-Eater killing the priest for his advocating innocence for convicted inmates, the judge from earlier killed for granting clemency, and for his killing Jean DeWolff. All leading to Spider-Man who brought him in, with Daredevil holding him back from crossing the line. Finding the culprit and killing him, Stanley arrives on a talk show stage, thus realizing he is in Hell and remembering that he was Sin-Eater. Stan expressed remorse at the lives he took, and remembering his suicide by cop does he exclaim how Spider-Man was right: he would have done it again. But when asked how he felt, Stan admitted he deserved it and he felt free, until the host revealed his Sin-Eater personality. The host stated Sin-Eater would do nothing without Stan's order, as Stan wasn't being punished for his his own sins, but for the sins of those he killed. After Stan is eaten by the demons, the host reveals himself as Kindred, offering to resurrect Stan back to Earth to fulfill his destiny.

Stan accepted the offer by donning his Sin-Eater mask.

Solicit Synopsis

• Who is the Sin-Eater, and why is it so terrifying that he’s back?

• Nick Spencer pulls back the curtain on one of the most dangerous Spidey villains in history.

• We will not only reveal more of Sin-Eater’s secret history but put him on a collision course with Spider-Man that will have you quaking in your seat.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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