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Appearing in "Kraven el heroe..!"

Featured Characters:

  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (Hombre Araña / H. Araña)

Supporting Characters:


  • Kraven el Cazador (Impersonates Spider-Man (Peter Parker))
  • Several unnamed bands of criminals

Other Characters:

  • Jewelry store's security guard
  • the unnamed city's police
  • citizens
  • unnamed savage man

Races and Species:



  • handguns
  • Kraven's unnamed liquid
  • stolen jewels

Synopsis for "Kraven el heroe..!"

Kraven el Cazador wins the public's support, defeating criminals, and el Hombre Araña.

In a flashback, Kraven is seen walking around the city, pondering his plan for revenge against el Hombre Araña.

El Hombre Araña tracks down criminals using his spider-sense. Criminals get out of a car to rob a jewelry store at night. They knock out the guard. El Hombre Araña tries to stop them and the bandits flee in a car, with a crowd watching. Kraven then jumps on el Hombre Araña, throwing a liquid in his face supposedly by accident, while claiming he will help him against the criminals. El Hombre Araña is stunned by the liquid and Kraven, whom the crowd doesn't know, impresses the crowd by pirouetting and stopping the robbers' car by lifting its rear end. The police arrest the bandits and thank Kraven, who makes sure everyone hears his name. The crowd cheers Kraven, while el Hombre Araña, booed, climbs a wall to leave.

In privacy, Kraven explains that he will finish el Hombre Araña off after gaining the full trust of the people and the police, and that the liquid will weaken el Hombre Araña more with each passing day, until he is unable to stand up. In a new flashback, Kraven recalls helping a primitive village in the jungle, and a savage, in gratitude, offered him the liquid to use against his enemies, explaining the effect. Kraven at first thinks he has no enemies he cannot defeat; but he remembers that el Hombre Araña ridiculed him because of his agility and strength, and accepts the liquid, narrating his defeat to the primitive man. Peter is at home with his Tía May, who notices him sickly. Peter remembers Gwen, but she has not written to him (or at least that's what May says). The TV announces that thieves have stolen valuable jewelry from the Archaeological Museum and the police have been unable to catch them, so all hope lies with el Hombre Araña. Peter pretends to go to sleep, but disguises himself to chase the bandits, guided by his spider-sense.

El Hombre Araña finds the robbers carrying their loot and fights them, drawing an audience; but suddenly he feels so weak that he can't go on, and one of the robbers beats el Hombre Araña, who falls to the ground. As the robbers flee, Kraven appears, claiming to be a reformed former enemy. Quickly, Kraven defeats the criminals, although they offer him half of the loot. The police arrest the bandits and the public cheers for Kraven, while believing that el Hombre Araña is only pretending to be sick.

El Hombre Araña retreats and, noticing too much heat, washes his face in a fountain, thereby unknowingly washing away the effect of the liquid.

Meanwhile, Kraven disguises himself as el Hombre Araña and openly robs a bank, defeating the police and claiming that el Hombre Araña has been robbing for a long time. But the real Hombre Araña comes to confront him, which surprises Kraven because he expected the liquid to have rendered him immobile. Kraven prepares more liquid, but in the fight el Hombre Araña causes the liquid to land on Kraven's face. Gaining the upper hand, el Hombre Araña unmasks the imposter and the crowd sees that it was Kraven. El Hombre Araña predicts that Kraven will spend little time in jail because he helped the police against several criminals. Meanwhile, Kraven does not know how el Hombre Araña recovered, but feels only growing fear and resentment.


  • The story title "Kraven el heroe..!" should start with an inverted exclamation mark to be proper Spanish.
  • There are publicity messages under the panels about mailing services and about La Prensa.

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