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Appearing in "El fin de un tirano"

Featured Characters:

  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)/el Hombre Araña

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • the police

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "El fin de un tirano"

After days of effort, el Hombre Araña finally has a chance to rest and goes home as Peter Parker, to take Aunt May to the doctor - but his spider sense tingles and he takes the first chance to investigate, as soon as May is in the waiting room. Some bandits are escaping in a limo and, when el Hombre Araña tries to stop them, they shoot him and severely hurt his right arm. Leaving the criminals to the police, el Hombre Araña goes home to treat his injury, then picks up Aunt May. The doctor believes she has headaches due to her poor eyesight and she may require new glasses or surgery; a specialist must see him.

In his room, Peter reads the Clarín and sees that Klaus, son of the Duke of Lichtenbad and ruler since his father's death, is visiting the city but will not give any interview. Peter knows his personally, as Klaus studied at the unviersity. His friends from the university (Harry, Gwen, Flash and Mary Jane) are also aware of that.

The following day, Klaus meets with the five of them at the university and offers to pay them a vacation in his country. Peter is worried about his aunt's health; and Klaus offers to cover her treatment with doctors in Lichtenbad. Just by hearing Klaus's heartbeat, Peter understand Klaus is lying, and accepts to solve the mystery of why - but Aunt May refuses to go to Lichtenbad, instead waiting for a local doctor. Peter flies with his friends.

As soon as they land, a rebel shoots Klaus point-blank, but the Duke wears a bulletproof vest, and the rebel is arrested. Peter and his friends are taken in an armored car, and they notice the population is scared.

At night, when Harry and Flash sleep, Peter, as el Hombre Araña, moves away to investigate. He finds a conspiracy against Klaus, but they lack any weapons and they are discovered and apprehended by knight-like robot-guards. El Hombre Araña follows them to the Duke's castle (they are taken to the dungeons); but the castle has electronic surveillance and, as soon as el Hombre Araña enters, the Duke has detected him.

The Duke warns him by loudspeaker, then appears sitting on his throne, surrounded by guards. Taking el Hombre Araña by a rebel leader, the Duke sends his robots against him. In a fight, el Hombre Araña downs a robot, but the robot is not stunned and, from the floor, hits el Hombre Araña's injured arm. This gives the robots enough advantage to knock him down.

El Hombre Araña wakes up in the dungeons, cuffed to a post and with other rebel prisoners. The Duke is not interested in his identity, as all the prisoners will be shot at dawn. The Duke explains that he's forcefully recruiting the best brains the world, and they'll build an unstoppable army of robots with which the Duke will take over the world.

El Hombre Araña escapes by climbing the post. At his request, a rebel asks a guard for help and, when the robot guard enters, el Hombre Araña defeats him and take his keys. Then, el Hombre Araña finds a switch that can be used to release all the prisoners at one with a short circuit.

At this great escape, Duke Klaus believes he's against the wall, and commits suicide by jumping from a high tower. Peter then joins Flash and Harry and convinces them that, due to the rebellion, it's better if they cut short their holidays and go back to the States.


  • Peter has black hair, unlike his Earth-616 counterpart. In a panel, Aunt May's hair is wrongly colored brown.
  • This story seems to be an adaptation of Daredevil #9, changing Daredevil with Spider-Man and Matt Murdock with Peter Parker. Particularly, there's a moment where Peter discovers that another character is lying by hearing their heartbeat, a superpower that Daredevil has but Spider-Man has not.

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