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Synopsis for "The Book of the Vishanti"

Castle Doom (Doomstadt) in Latveria: Dr. Doom has made a pact with the lord of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu to unleash a powerful mixture of science and magic called the Bend Sinister. However, knowing that whoever cast the spell to cause this fusion would ultimately perish, Doom sends his pawn Lucius Dilby to the Dark Dimension under the teachings of Dormammu to master the mystical might to cast the spell. Using his combined knowledge of magic and science, Lucius creates a creature that is a construct of both magic and technology.

Knowing that Dr. Strange is the only one who could possibly pose a threat to their plan, Lucius sends the creature (disguised as a mummy) to be delivered to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Not expecting a package, Strange uses his magical powers to open the container, and he and Wong are attacked by the magical robot. With Wong knocked out and Strange overpowered in his physical form, the Sorcerer Supreme tries to escape in his astral form. However, he finds a horde of spectral creatures waiting for him outside his Sanctum to stop him. Being dragged back into the Sanctum, Strange sends out a mystical call to help to any of New York's super-heroes who may be around to answer the call. With the Avengers and the Fantastic Four out of town, the sole hero around to answer the call is Spider-Man, who is currently conducting a class at Empire State University in his civilian guise of Peter Parker. When a chance chemical reaction causes the building to be evacuated, Peter uses this as leave to change into Spider-Man, canceling his midnight date with Debra Whitman to go see a show at a rock club.

Arriving at Dr. Strange's Sanctum, Spider-Man is first attacked by stone gargoyles come to life, and later strange four-armed creatures. Escaping these creatures, Spider-Man scales the Sanctum to try and find an alternate way in and finds a huge hole blasted through all the building's floors and roof. Lowering himself inside, he finds Wong who has just revived. Not finding Dr. Strange, Spider-Man is told by Wong that the Doctor was able to send a message which meant nothing to him: the name of the club that Peter was to attend.

Meanwhile, at his secret hideout within the famous punk rock venue, Lucious plots to use Dr. Strange as his sacrifice for casting the Bend Sinister at midnight. Spider-Man arrives at CBGB's and changes back into Peter Parker, walking amongst the crowd gone to listen to a band named Shrapnel, Peter is stopped by a girl who thinks she recognizes them. The Parker luck rings true when at that moment Debra spots Peter talking to this girl and figures he ditched her for someone else and she storms out. Peter chases after and tries to do damage control, running into Lucious on the way out, and takes Debra to dinner. However, when he spots the band members of Shrapnel leading a crowd chanting about the Bend Sinister he once more ditches Debra to change into Spider-Man.

Following the crowd, he finds them chanting and dancing in front of the Latverian embassy, where Lucious appears on its roof with Dr. Strange, who is mystically bound to a giant gem that is central to the spell that is being cast. When Spider-Man tries to save Strange, he is attacked by the magical robot. During the fight, Peter realizes that the robot is unbeatable and is only there to make sure he doesn't interrupt the spell. Using his smarts, Spidey tricks the robot into flying into the gem, smashing it to bits and freeing Dr. Strange. Strange then unleashes his mystical fury on Lucious who erects a mystic shield and tries to flee. However, this doesn't save him from doom when a portal opens and a giant hand grabs him and pulls him into another dimension before disappearing. Strange thanks Spider-Man for his help and flees the scene without much explanation, leaving Spider-Man very exasperated.

While back in Latervia, Dr. Doom has brought a small gem with a miniature Lucious trapped inside, he places it with a group of others and determines that using the Bend Sinister is too risky to use again. However, while this was a failure, Doom has other plans...


Continuity Notes

  • The fact that Peter Parker goes to the CBGB nightclub and sees the punk band Shrapnel is a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. The group Shrapnel disbanded in late 80s and CBGBs closed down in 2006.


  • Part of the story happens at the famous alternative club CBGB, the place where The Ramones, Blondie or Talking Heads played in the very beginning of their careers.
  • Danny O'Neil decided to have Shrapnel appear in this issue after having seen them play at the CBGB Club. Shrapnel's lead singer, Dave Wyndorf, was a big comic book fan.[1]

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