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Gabriel Stacy hears a planned ambush by a police squad and proceeds to attack them, before he can do any real damage however he is stopped by Spider-Man. Later, after kidnapping a reporter named Norah Winters and after luring Harry to a vacant warehouse, Gabriel makes another attempt on Harry's life. While locked in combat with Harry, the two discuss Norman and their respective views of him. Harry attempts to convince Gabriel that Norman is an evil monster who only craves death and power while Gabriel tells Harry that he is a waste of Norman's bloodline. Saddened by his inability to reach Gabriel, Harry reveals that he has hacked into the American Son Armor and quickly over powers Gabriel, though Gabriel still gets the armor to himself. After Gabriel is defeated the warehouse is set on fire and both men are saved by Spider-Man and a police squad. Following his capture Gabriel is placed in a psychiatric hospital, and informed that the American Son Armor is thought to be destroyed. However, a package is soon delivered to his room containing a helmet from the American Son Armor and a note from Norman telling him that he loves Gabriel and misses him.

Solicit Synopsis

WHO WILL CLAIM THE OSBORN LEGACY?! Harry Osborn vs. Gabriel Stacy, with the fate of hundreds of New Yorkers hanging in the balance. Can Harry stop the mad man in time? And at what cost to himself? The Osborn family drama comes to a stunning conclusion!

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