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Quote1.png Men like these... They bring out the evil in people. That's how they make their money. They don't want you to change for the good... So I show them the old me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "New Ways To Live, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "New Ways To Live, Part 3"

Despairing at Jenna Cole's relapse into heroin addiction at the hands of drug lord Jorge Valdez, Anti-Venom decides to show Quintas Cartel thugs just how monstrous he can be, going berserk and slaughtering them. Outside, Henry Russo anxiously comments on the amount of gunfire, but the Punisher brusquely retorts that Eddie's symbiote is bulletproof. Henry points out that Castle will need all the allies he can get to take down the Quintas Cartel, but the Punisher sneers that Eddie Brock is still a mass-murderer no matter how much he says he's redeemed himself; reiterating that the moment Eddie lets his guard down he's getting a bullet to the brain. As Anti-Venom exits the building, the Punisher tells Henry to man up; Anti-Venom stating that there's no-one guarding the gate. Castle mockingly asks if Eddie killed them all, Anti-Venom pausing before irritably repeating that there's no-one guarding the gate.

At Valdez' villa, the druglord realizes that his men failed and tosses his phone aside, cursing. His butler, Pablo, notes that Anti-Venom has super-powers and that the Punisher has a massive arsenal of weapons. Valdez mockingly asks if Pablo wants him to be scared, sneering that he has a massive arsenal of weapons too and lots of guys to wield them, looking over a courtyard where gangsters unload an army's worth of weaponry from trucks, setting up a Minigun.

Watching from a distance, the Punisher tells Anti-Venom to go ahead and that he'll catch up. As Anti-Venom web-swings towards the villa, the Punisher straps a set of claws taken from the Owl to his wrists and tells Henry to get out the Ghost's gauntlets. Henry warns the Punisher that the gauntlets will only work for three five-second bursts of intangibility, the Punisher pulling on bladed boots and strapping on a belt of grenades with his skull emblem emblazoned on them. As Henry unloads a modified Goblin Glider, the Punisher tells him to retreat to a safe distance.

Peering through a set of binoculars, Pablo points out Anti-Venom as the symbiote-augmented antihero charges towards the compound, the Punisher catching up on the glider. The Quintas thugs open fire with the Minigun, Anti-Venom barrelling through the bullets. Transforming an arm into a massive tentacle, Anti-Venom flips over one of the trucks and crushes several thugs under it; the Punisher using his gauntlets' intangibility to phase through bullets before ramming the gunmen with his glider. As the Minigun opens fire on them, Anti-Venom leaps into the air and crushes the weapon and the gangsters wielding it. As Valdez screams at his men to kill the intruders, the Punisher uses his second burst of intangibility to get in close, using his wrist-blades and bladed boots to take out Valdez' personal guards. The druglord sneers that Castle looks ridiculous, stabbing him in the chest with a combat knife as the Punisher's gauntlets fail to activate. As Valdez grins and licks the blood from his knife, the Punisher curses Henry for overestimating how many charges the gauntlets had and uses his glider to escape.

Hefting the broken Minigun, Anti-Venom laments that it would've been fun to use. As Valdez's harem panics and flees, ignoring Pablo's protests, Anti-Venom spots Jenna and calls out to her. Valdez runs him over with a jeep, screaming at Pablo to shoot any of the girls who try to escape. As Pablo reluctantly pulls out a gun and prepares to shoot the fleeing prostitutes, Anti-Venom shouts for him to stop, Valdez smashing him over the head with a sledgehammer. Before Pablo and the other gangsters can pull the trigger, the Punisher shoots them with a sniper rifle, spattering Jenna with blood. Valdez snarls that he'll kill anyone who tries to run himself, ordering his remaining men to kill "that #$%$ junkie" at all costs. Anti-Venom goes berserk and roars that Jenna isn't a junkie, picking the jeep up over his head and slamming it down on Valdez. As Anti-Venom approaches her, Jenna reacts with terror to his monstrous appearance. Retracting the symbiote, Eddie assures her that she's safe. Recognizing him, Jenna throws her arms around him, sobbing and begging him to get her out of there. As the Punisher aims at Eddie's head through his sniper rifle, Eddie meets his gaze through the scope and says that Castle won't kill him because he knows deep down that they're not so different. Sitting up, the Punisher tells Henry to pack up his remaining gear and prepare to leave; rebuking his aid for daring to think he had a change of heart by snapping that he's bleeding from his stab wound and ran out of bullets.

As Eddie leads Jenna to the jeep, Jenna moans that she messed up; Eddie assuring her that once they're out of the compound he'll cleanse her body of the drugs again. As Jenna apologizes for relapsing, promising to give up drugs for good, Eddie assures her that she is forgiven and that they can both start fresh and be good the following day. Stomping on Valdez's face, Eddie crushes his jaw and then runs him over with the jeep. As Eddie drives away, leaving a trail of blood in his wake, Jenna groggily states that Eddie is her hero.

Solicit Synopsis

Anti-Venom and Punisher vs. one of the largest, most powerful and most ruthless drug cartels on the planet. Our money’s on the guys with the biggest guns…and the skulls on their chests. Zeb Wells & Paulo Siqueira deliver the senses-shattering conclusion to NEW WAYS TO LIVE!

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