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  • Crashed Spaceship

Synopsis for "The Beauty And The Brute"

This story continues from last issue...

Spider-Man is caught up in some quicksand in the Savage Land, and in spite of his efforts to free himself, nothing works. He is ultimately saved at the last minute by Ka-Zar. After some initial head butting, the two agree to work together to free Gwen from the clutches of the creature known as Gog.

Elsewhere in the Savage Land, Gog has brought Gwen to Kraven the Hunter, who has decided to take Gwen as his mate. He explains to her that when he heard news reports of the great Ka-Zar, he became determined to travel to the Savage Land to prove that he's the superior hunter. Upon arriving in the Savage Land though, he came across a crashed alien ship which contained a young Gog within it. Gog was just a tiny creature then, and he "adopted" the creature and helped it grow and it became his loyal "son". He finishes his exposition by explaining that he intends to use Gog for his own personal gain.

This is when Spider-Man and Ka-Zar arrive and battle both Kraven and Gog. Ka-Zar and Kraven clash, and in spite of Kraven's many hunting devices, Ka-Zar proves to be the victor of the fight, driving Kraven off a cliff. Spider-Man meanwhile is left to deal with Gog, where he defeats the creature by driving it into the same quicksand he had gotten caught up in earlier, the creature then sinks to it's ultimate demise. Ka-Zar then rushes Gwen back to Jameson and Calkin, where she asks what happened to Peter. Jameson tells her that he believes that Parker died trying to stop Gog from capturing her. However Spider-Man quickly swings back to the others and removes his costume. Upon returning to the group as Peter everyone is shocked. After thanking Ka-Zar for his help and bidding him farewell, they depart from the Savage Land.

Solicit Synopsis

This one's got it all! Spider-Man vs. the monstrous Gog! Ka-Zar battles Kraven the Hunter! All this and J. Jonah too!


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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:


  • This issue ends with the dedication "to the memory of Carl Denham, entrepreneur." Denham is a fictional character from the film King Kong (1933).

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