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Synopsis for "Spidey Smashes Thru!"

Spider-Man has finally been caught by Spencer Smythe in his new Spider-Slayer robot. Smythe gloats, that now after all the defeats at the wall-crawler's hands he'll finally get his revenge against Spider-Man. He takes the defeated wall-crawler back to the assemblage of crooks at his hideout to show off his victory.

Meanwhile, Gwen meets with Randy Robertson who is in a good mood after the Daily Bugle does a report of the protest against the police surveillance cameras. She is later confronted by Flash who apologizes for how he acted. When he tries to express his feelings for her she stops him and tells him that her feelings for Peter are real. She then confronts him with the fact that that is not the only thing bothering him, Flash declines to talk about it.

Back at Smythe's laboratory, Spider-Man breaks free of the Spider-Slayer's bindings and gums up the Spider-Slayer robot. He then escapes Smythe's lab and rounds up all the crooks in his employ who have been sent out on various jobs throughout the city. After which Smythe comes after Spider-Man in the Spider-Slayer robot. However, the wall-crawler makes short work of Smythe's robot and leaves him for the police to collect.

Spider-Man then pays a visit to J. Jonah Jameson, fed up with Jameson constantly hiring Smythe to go after him with Spider-Slayer robots, Spider-Man cautions the newspaper editor to never try it again, a request the cowardly Jameson agrees to comply to in the future. On his way back home to switch back to his civilian identity, Spider-Man spots Gwen walking with Flash. He spots two military men pull up in a vehicle and escort Flash away, leaving Gwen in tears. Spider-Man wonders if this spectacle will change things between him and Gwen.

Solicit Synopsis

The wrap-up of the Spider-Slayer Saga! The web-spinner smashes thru - to one of his greatest victories! But his triumph is marred - as tragedy overtakes Flash Thompson!


Continuity Notes

  • Spencer Smythe recounts the failure of his past Spider-Slayers, these defeats in Amazing Spider-Man #25 and #58 respectively.
  • J. Jonah Jameson considers the idea of running for mayor of New York someday. He does just that years later as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #591.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


  • Previous Appearance of Page 1-19 Page 1-19 Next Appearance of Page 1-19 - Spider-Man battles Spencer Smythe.
  • Previous Appearance of Page 20-21 Page 20-21 Next Appearance of Page 20-21 - Spider-Man witnesses the military taking Flash Thompson into custody.

Gwen Stacy:

  • Previous Appearance of Page 1-19 Page 1-19 Next Appearance of Page 1-19 - Gwen is approached by Flash Thompson for help.
  • Previous Appearance of Page 20-21 Page 20-21 Next Appearance of Page 20-21 - Gwen watches as Flash is taken away by military authorities.

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