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Synopsis for "Enter Dr. Strange!"

Peter Parker is stuck by Gwen, unable to go after Flash Thompson's attackers as Spider-Man because Gwen would think Peter Parker is a coward. However, he gets an idea on how to slip away and makes it appear as though he's been kidnapped by Spider-Man. On his way to the Giant One and the Monks of the Light, Spider-Man is confronted by Dr. Strange's astral projection. He convinces Spider-Man to go to his Sanctum Sanctorum, and there he shows that Flash Thompson has been brought before the leader of the Monks and is slated for execution. Dr. Strange then pledges to help Spider-Man save his friend and the two depart to go and save Flash.

Meanwhile, Flash is visited by Sha-Shan, the girl he befriended in the village. She tells Flash that after the bombing, the elder one (her father) was rendered into a coma-like state, and only by sacrificing Flash's life may they bring back their elder ruler. However, when Sha-Shan pulls out a knife, the others find her and pull her away.

While at Harry Osborn's apartment, Gwen arrives and tells Harry that Peter has been "kidnapped" by Spider-Man. When Aunt May enters the room, Gwen lashes out at her when she calls Peter a boy, but she quickly apologizes for her outburst and the two make peace.

Back at the hideout of the Monks, they prepare to execute Flash Thompson when Spider-Man and Dr. Strange burst in the room. As Spider-Man holds off the Giant One and his men, Dr. Strange casts a spell that brings the elder out of his trance. With the elder restored to normal, the followers cease their fighting and the elder absolves Flash of any wrong doing. After Dr. Strange departs, Flash tells Spider-Man that the whole story will be great to tell Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man departs and wonders how Peter Parker is going to be able to compete with Flash Thompson's feelings for Gwen now that he's a civilian again.

Solicit Synopsis

Flash Thompson - about to be sacrificed by a secret Death-Cult! Spidey helpless to save him! And then - enter Doctor Strange!


Continuity Notes[]

  • When Spider-Man pretends to kidnap Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy says "not again!". She is referring to the events of Amazing Spider-Man #55Amazing Spider-Man #57 when people believed that Spider-Man had kidnapped Peter Parker. The narrative of this story states that Spider-Man had pulled a stunt like this before. This is a reference to Amazing Spider-Man #46 when he filled his Spider-Man costume with webbing to convince Frederick Foswell into thinking he and Peter Parker were two different people.
  • The narrative of this story points out that Spider-Man and Doctor Strange have met each other previously, but they don't remember what story that was, offering a No-Prize to someone who could answer it. At that time this story was published the correct answer would have been Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, however chronologically, they met much earlier in Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters #1, although a spell erased Spider-Man's memory of that encounter. That story was published years after this issue.

Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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