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Synopsis for "To Stalk A Spider!"

Kraven the Hunter, who is still recovering from injuries following his battle against Spider-Man and Ka-Zar in the Savage Land, recruits the Gibbon to battle Spider-Man on his behalf. The Gibbon agrees to do his bidding, as Kraven appeals to the rejects desire to get back at everyone who's ever laughed at him.

Web-slinging to Aunt May's, Peter finds a note there from her saying that she's gone away for a while. Spidey leaves when the police arrive, and soon Spider-Man is blamed for kidnapping May Parker. Spider-Man quickly quashes this accusation when he goes to Joe Robertson and turns over the note to him, which Joe convinces Jameson to publish when he confronts Jameson over his ethics as a news reporter.

While at Kraven's lair, the hunter gives the Gibbon a potion that brings out his killer instinct and sends him out on orders to kill Spider-Man. Peter meanwhile has returned home and tells Gwen that Aunt May has left, but tells her not to be hard on herself because her harsh words to Aunt May were long coming. Deciding to search for his Aunt May, he instead crosses paths with the now savage Gibbon. He battles Spider-Man, however, when pressed to make the killing blow, the Gibbon is unable to do so and fights off the effects of the potion and passes out. Spider-Man saves him from a nasty fall and decides to take him to get medical help. Back at Kraven's lair, aware of the Gibbons defeat, Kraven stews over the fact that Spider-Man was once again able to best him in

Solicit Synopsis

The Gibbon needs help, and he gets it - from none other than Kraven the Hunter! A must!


Continuity Notes

  • Although Kraven believes that Gog had died in quicksand the alien turns up alive and well in Astonishing Tales #18.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:


This issue marks Spider-Man's 10th anniversary.

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