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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "Spidey Cops Out!"

After dropping off the Gibbon at the local hospital, Spider-Man resumes his search for Aunt May. After avoiding a number of criminal activities to continue his search for his missing Aunt, Peter eventually gives up looking for her as Spider-Man. After returning to his apartment, he changes back to Peter Parker and goes to the Bugle. There he finds that Jameson has spun Spider-Man's lack of involvement breaking up crimes as a sign of cowardice, and Jameson presses Peter to take more pictures or have a freeze put on his regular pay for the Bugle. On his way out of the Bugle, Peter gets his condolences from Betty Brant. Outside, he breaks up a fight between two boys, over whether or not Spider-Man is a coward. Peter then learns that Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna have been out looking for May as well.

When Anna points out that May's handwriting appears forced, it gives credence that May's disappearance might be linked to several recent kidnappings. Peter decides to go into action as Spider-Man and seek out the kidnappers, whom he had encountered earlier. He tracks down one of the goons, and when he questions him he learns that other than a phone call from his employer, he has no other information about the people he's been hired to kidnap.

Spider-Man recognizes another kidnapper in a group of crooks trying to break into a warehouse. Fighting them off, he finds that one of them has super-strength. However, he fights them off and finds that they were wearing a mechanical harness to boost their strength. Taking it, Spider-Man decides that it's an important clue. Before he can look into it, he's suddenly confronted by Dr. Octopus, the mastermind behind the scheme who is sick of Spider-Man once more meddling in his affairs.

Solicit Synopsis

Spidey cops out! Our wall-crawler turns his back on the world - and wait'll you find out why!


Continuity Notes

  • Flash asks Gwen if she still blames Spider-Man for the death of her father. George Stacy sacrificed his life to push a child out of the way of falling debris caused by a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. This happened in Amazing Spider-Man #90.

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