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Goochi-goo, cuddles. Remember me? I'm the cut-up who ruined your fun with that dam--remember?
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You! Yes, Hulk remembers, you made Hulk angry! Hulk still angry!
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Yeah, well...I was counting on that...I think.
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Appearing in "The Fight and the Fury!"

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  • Passenger Jet

Synopsis for "The Fight and the Fury!"

Spider-Man's fight with the Hulk has taken them under water when the Hulk accidentally compromises the integrity of a dam. However, their fight is soon interrupted when General Ross arrives with the military, and their fire power forces both combatants to part. Secretly hitching a ride back to Montreal, Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker. When calls to check in on Gwen, she tells Peter to come back to the States as quickly as possible because Harry has had a relapse from his previous drug overdose. Peter tells her that he has to finish business in Canada but he will be back as soon as possible.

When Peter finds that he's being trailed by someone, he changes into Spider-Man and confronts them. The man explains that he was hired by Dr. Octopus to seek out Mr. Rimbaud (the man Peter had come to see in Canada), prompting Peter to go and see the man as quickly as possible. Rushing to the site of the '67 Expo where Rimbaud was discussing some business to put a new building Peter, Rimbaud, and his secretary are attacked by the Hulk. Peter changes into Spider-Man and battles the Hulk until the military scares him off again.

Changing back to Peter Parker, Peter is met by Rimbaud who has important information to tell him when he's suddenly shot by a mysterious shooter and dies. With no leads to follow, Peter can do nothing but return home.


Continuity Notes

  • This story states that General Ross is on "temporary duty with the Canadian militia" A footnote states that that isn't quite accurate. In Incredible Hulk #162, Ross obtained permission from the Canadian government to bring his own troops into the country to hunt the Hulk.
  • The individual responsible for the death of Albert Rimbaud and the reason for doing so is revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #130131.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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