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Quote1 You're talking about my lady, creep! Someone I love--I mean loved--! Do you know what that means? Have you any idea what that means?? I loved her, Goblin! And you--! You--took--her--away! Filthy--worm-eating--scum! Quote2
Spider-Man shouting at the Green Goblin between punches

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Synopsis for "The Goblin's Last Stand!"

Gwen Stacy is dead, thanks -- in part -- to the Green Goblin, who is racing away vowing to Spider-Man that he will soon be joining his true love. Spider-Man, furious over the tragic loss of Gwen, swears that if anyone is going to die this day, it's going to be the Goblin. Chasing after his mortal foe, he manages to hop on the Goblin's back and pummel him. However, the Goblin manages to get away when he slams Spider-Man into the side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Returning to Gwen's body, Spider-Man fights off those who have gathered around her corpse and cradles her in his arms, reflecting on their relationship together. When the police try to get an ambulance to give her medical aid, Spider-Man tells them that she's dead and that he killed her. When they try to take him for questioning, he fights them off and flees. Changing back to his civilian identity of Peter Parker, he ponders just what to tell his best friend Harry Osborn about his father's involvement in Gwen's death. When he arrives back at their apartment, Peter finds that Harry is still fighting off his recent overdose of LSD, and angrily leaves Harry who begs for help.

Deciding to bring Osborn to justice, Spider-Man drops in on Joe Robertson who has just heard the news. He pleads Joe to find out if Norman Osborn has been seen in the last few hours. When Joe gets word that Osborn has been seen near one of the warehouses that he owns, Spider-Man is about to leave when J. Jonah Jameson bursts in calling Spider-Man a murderer. Spider-Man stifles Jameson with webbing before going after Osborn.

Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin in the warehouse, determined to bring him to justice. However, during the fight, the Goblin's glider is reactivated and when the Goblin tries to impale Peter with it, he only succeeds in impaling himself when Spider-Man dodges out of the way. With the Goblin apparently dead, Spider-Man finally getting what he vowed earlier that day, finds Osborn's death a hollow victory. When the authorities can be heard coming, Spider-Man decides to leave, unaware that someone is watching in the shadows.

When Peter finally returns home to his apartment, he finds only Mary Jane there waiting for him. She tries to console Peter, who lashes out at her condolences, mocking her usual carefree nature and tells her to leave. However, Mary Jane decides to stay and comfort Peter regardless.


Continuity Notes[]

Chronology Notes[]

Events occur in this story behind the scenes that affect the continuity of the following characters:


  •  Page 1  - Spider-Man cradles the dead body of Gwen Stacy.
  •  Page 2-5  - Spider-Man tries to catch the Goblin, who escapes.
  •  Page 6-20  - Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin to the death.


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