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Quote1.png I can't get over that feeling of menace... as though something pretty bad was about to happen -- to none other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "The Mark of the Man-Wolf"

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Synopsis for "The Mark of the Man-Wolf"

Web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man stops to take a look at the local papers, and becomes mad that the Bugle is the only newspaper that's calling him a murderer in connection with the death of Norman Osborn. At the Bugle, Joe Robertson questions Jameson about his editorials, believing that Spider-Man should be allowed due process before being demonized by public opinion. Their debate is interrupted by the arrival of Jonah's son John.

John has recently been on a mission to the moon, and he has come to visit his father with his fiancé Kristine Saunders. However, John begins to act strange (unnoticed to others this is due to a necklace he is wearing.) It is passed off as the strain from his job and jokes about Kristine not taking good care of John.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker decides to attend class for the first time since Gwen's death, but cannot handle the pressure of working with his classmates who must be thinking about his situation and storms out of class. When Mary Jane and Flash try to talk sense into him, Peter snaps at them both and storms away. Elsewhere in the city, John Jameson suddenly transforms into a werewolf beast which will soon be dubbed the Man-Wolf. The creature stalks its way to the Daily Bugle where it attacks J. Jonah Jameson.

Meanwhile, Peter sees yet another front-page story in the most recent edition of the Bugle, demonizing Spider-Man once more for his involvement in the death of Norman Osborn. Fed up of Jameson's constant editorials, Peter decides enough is enough and that he is going to threaten Jameson to leave him alone. Changing into Spider-Man, Peter slings over to the Bugle. Instead of taking out his anger on Jameson, he finds that he has to come to the rescue of his arch-nemesis instead. However, during the fight, Spider-Man is slashed by the Man-Wolf and passes out.

When Jameson tries to call the police, the Man-Wolf stops him, and Jameson notices that it's wearing the exact same necklace his son was wearing earlier and puts two-and-two together. The Man-Wolf suddenly bolts and Spider-Man revives shortly after. When Spider-Man tells Jameson that he's going after the monster, Jameson warns him: If he goes after the Man-Wolf, Jameson will report tonight's episode as an attack on him by Spider-Man.

Agreeing to Jameson's terms, Spider-Man leaves and dwells on what just happened, when he's suddenly attacked by the Man-Wolf who pounces at him from behind.


Continuity Notes

  • The reason why people don't know that Norman Osborn is really the Green Goblin is that someone stole his costume last issue. This person is revealed to be Harry Osborn as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #136.
  • Spider-Man recounts his recent encounter with the Werewolf by Night, that happened in Marvel Team-Up #12.

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