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Quote1.png It's too late to go back to work with the Torch...and it's too early to go home. Guess all that's left is some web-slinging. Maybe that will cheer me up. Seems like everytime I finish a fight, I'm all alone again--which makes me think of Gwendy--and brother...that makes me want to die! Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "The Kangaroo Bounces Back!"

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Synopsis for "The Kangaroo Bounces Back!"

While web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man is flagged down by two men representing Corona Motors. They offer Spider-Man an opportunity to help them promote a new non-polluting car engine by helping them make a Spider-Mobile as a cross-promotion. Spider-Man tells them that given that he's being demonized in the press, is wanted by the police, and the idea is just plain stupid, he refuses and swings away. Spider-Man is unaware that he's being watched by his old nemesis the Kangaroo, who vows revenge on the wall-crawler. Coincidentally at that moment, he's confronted by Jonas Harrow, who offers to enhance the Kangaroo's abilities.

Spidey arrives on ESU's campus and changes back to Peter Parker. There he is confronted by Miles Warren, who tells him that Peter needs to start showing up for class. He is later met by Flash and Mary Jane who ask him to join them for some cokes, to which Peter refuses. Returning to his apartment he shares with Harry, Peter finds that Harry is still not home yet and a note from Harry's landlord advising that the rent is 2 months overdue. Peter then gets a call from his Aunt May checking up on him after hearing about his strange behavior of late.

While at the lab of Jonas Harrow, the Kangaroo undergoes surgery that will enhance his super-human abilities. When the surgery is completed the Kangaroo finds that his strength and leaping power have been artificially boosted. When Harrow tries to get the Kangaroo to partake in one of his plans, the villain knocks Harrow out deciding that he's going to capitalize on his new powers alone.

Meanwhile, Peter, needing to come up with a way to pay the back-rent owed, pays a visit to the Corona Motors office as Spider-Man and advises them that he's changed his mind. There he is told that he has to come up with the design on his own. Spider-Man decides to go and seek the aid of the one guy who he knows will know a lot about cars: The Human Torch. On his way, he is attacked by the Kangaroo. When the Kangaroo gets the better of the wall-crawler, he's forced to stop his attack by a fail-safe device implanted by Harrow, forcing the Kangaroo to retreat to Harrow's lair and do his bidding.

As Spider-Man works with the Torch to come up with a design for the Spider-Mobile, reports of the Kangaroo attacking a nuclear laboratory. Spidey leaves the Torch to continue working on the design while he goes after the Kangaroo again. While at a hospital, John Jameson's health is not doing any better since being cured of turning into the Man-Wolf. When he learns his son needs a total blood transfusion, J. Jonah Jameson curses Spider-Man for what's happened to his son.

Spider-Man arrives at the nuclear laboratory, where he fights the Kangaroo. The villain is more powerful than Spider-Man is able to handle. However, when the Kangaroo goes for the radioactive isotope Harrow sent him to collect, the villain foolishly neglects to wear the proper protection, and is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation and is killed almost instantly. When the police arrive, they chase Spider-Man out. Harrow, having been watching outside sees Spider-Man's departure and correctly deduces that the Kangaroo failed and leaves the scene.

Finally, at the apartment shared by Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, Mary Jane has come to try and make amends with Harry and go out to a movie. When Harry pretends he isn't home, Mary Jane gets fed up and storms out, telling him it's over. Inside, Harry has in his possession the Green Goblin's costume and is determined to become the new Green Goblin to get revenge against his father's enemies. As this is all happening, Spider-Man web-slings through the city to try to cheer himself up, completely oblivious to the troubles the future will bring.


Continuity Notes

  • The narration states that Jonah Harrow was last seen in Amazing Spider-Man #114. He was responsible for enhancing the mobster known as Hammerhead.
  • Aunt May has been living in the Westchester Mansion owned by Doctor Octopus after he was arrested in Amazing Spider-Man #115.
  • The Human Torch can be seen here wearing a red and yellow costume. He adopted this uniform to pay respect to the original Human Torch of the 1940s in Fantastic Four #132. He will continue to wear this uniform until Fantastic Four #159.

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