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Peter Parker

Appearing in "The Green Goblin Strikes!"

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Synopsis for "The Green Goblin Strikes!"

The Green Goblin attacks a truck shipment, stealing a strange canister before departing. Meanwhile, Peter has web-slinged to the hospital where Mary Jane is being treated following the explosion at his old apartment. There he finds that Joe, Flash, Liz, Aunt May and even J. Jonah Jameson are at the hospital visiting Mary Jane. When news of the Green Goblin's recent attack reaches the airwaves, Peter leaves the hospital but not before he gives Jameson the cold shoulder when Jonah tries to talk Peter out of quitting at the Bugle.

Spider-Man arrives at the scene of the truck robbery and learns that a radioactive material was stolen. Deciding to check out Norman Osborn's old home, Spider-Man finds the Green Goblin there. After a brief battle, the Goblin shows Spider-Man his monitors showing that he had kidnapped Flash, Mary Jane and Aunt May. He then tells Spider-Man that the canister he stole had been rigged to be a thermonuclear device and tells him that he has only six minutes to travel to the right part of the city (as the trio are spread out) and disarm it. Spider-Man knocks out the Goblin and races off to rescue his friends when he realizes that he's out of webbing and has time only to check one person.

He chooses correctly when he comes to the rescue of his Aunt May, and tosses the bomb into a nearby river where it harmlessly explodes. Spider-Man then rushes back to the Osborn estate where he battles the Green Goblin to the Goblin's defeat. Spider-Man calls for the police, however, he is sure to change back to Peter Parker and remove Harry's Green Goblin outfit. When the paramedics are wheeling Harry away, he tells everyone present that he knows Spider-Man is really Peter Parker and admits that he's been the Green Goblin his entire life. When the medics and police on the scene dismiss that as the ravings of a madman based on Harry's age, they wheel him away to get medical help.


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