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Quote1.png It's the Jackal! And from the way he's talking -- MY PROBLEMS HAVE JUST BEGUN! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

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Synopsis for "Day Of The Grizzly!"

Spider-Man is web-slinging through the city, mulling over the fact that he still hasn't found a place to call his own since he was evicted from the apartment he shared with Harry Osborn. Changing back to Peter Parker, Spidey meets up with Liz Allan to see an apartment in Chelsea. There he's taken to an apartment that is run by Mamie Muggins, a very ahem, charismatic land lady. Although the apartment is less than desirable, it suits his needs and the price is reasonable, so Peter takes it.

Needing money, Peter decides to take his job back at the Bugle, however just before he can step into Jonah's office, a costumed being calling himself the Grizzly has burst into the Bugle's office. As the Grizzly smashes his way through to Jameson's office, Peter slips away and changes into Spider-Man. Peter saves Jameson when the Grizzly tosses Jonah out a window, naturally Jameson is less than impressed that he was saved by Spider-Man once again.

Going into Jameson's office, Spider-Man battles the Grizzly, who blames Jameson's bad press for ruining his career as a wrestler. After a brief battle with Spider-Man, the Grizzly gains the upper-hand, knocking Spider-Man out long enough for him to escape. Spider-Man retrieves the less-than-thankful Jameson and hands him over to Joe and Betty before going after the Grizzly. Figuring an old time boxer or wrestler would have some kind of records, Spider-Man travels to Old Washington Square to see what he can learn as Peter Parker. However, entering the building, Peter is taken by surprise and is knocked out by the Jackal who is responsible for hiring Grizzly. With Peter Parker as their prisoner, the Jackal muses that Spider-Man should not be very far behind.


  • The editor-in-chief this issue is uncredited.

Continuity Notes

  • Peter mentions how Gwen Stacy had died a "few months ago". She was killed during a battle between Spider-Man and the original Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #121. Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, those events happened near the end of "Year Three" of the Modern Age and this story takes place during the beginning of "Year Four".
  • Peter refers to himself as "Mr. Masochism 1974", this should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale.
  • He also states how he will graduate from college in a "few years". He graduated in Amazing Spider-Man #175. Placing those events in "Year Five".
  • Spider-Man recounts how he recently stopped the City-Stealers from taking Manhattan. That happened in Marvel Team-Up #28.
  • Peter's new apartment is listed as costing $110 a month. This should be considered a Topical Reference as well.
  • Betty Brant mentions how Peter threatened to quit as photographer for the Daily Bugle, and Mary Jane's injuries as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #136.

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