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Quote1 Make that "chump", not champ, Max. You were Jameson's chump ten years ago -- now you've been the Jackal's. But don't worry -- someday, I'll get the Jackal too. And that, my fat friend -- is a promise from Spider-Man! Quote2

Appearing in "...And One Will Fall"

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Synopsis for "...And One Will Fall"

Having captured Peter Parker with the help of the Grizzly, the Jackal has Peter strapped to an operating table where they attach a special bracelet that would allow them to learn the true identity of Spider-Man (not realizing that Peter is Spider-Man) and dumping him in an alley. Being found by Betty and Ned, they take Peter to a diner where he realizes what has been done to him when he goes to the bathroom. There he is told by the Jackal (over the communication device on the bracelet) what they intend to do, and any attempt to remove the bracelet will activate an explosive.

Resuming his civilian life, Peter, with the help of Flash, moves his stuff into his new apartment and meets his new neighbor Gloria "Glory" Grant. That night when finally by himself, Peter uses his scientific skills to remove the device. Free of its control, Peter changes into Spider-Man and seeks out Jameson. Startling his bitter foe in his sleep, Spider-Man convinces him to explain why the Grizzly was after him: Year ago, Jameson's editorials about the Grizzly's unethical and violent wrestling moves shifted public opinion on the subject. The Wrestling Federation which employed the Grizzly probed into his conduct, and eventually fired him. With the information he needs (including the Grizzly's real name) Spider-Man leaves Jameson's home, the whole experience riling Jameson up once more over Spider-Man's conduct.

Realizing that someone like the Grizzly would be known around the gyms in the city, Spider-Man asks around until he finds the gym which he used to frequent. Sure enough, the Grizzly is there and the two are locked in a battle. During their fight, Spider-Man realizes that the key to the Grizzly's superior strength is his costume. He then takes it apart piece by piece, until all that's left is just Maxwell Markham. Spider-Man easily defeats him and leaves him for the authorities.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Peter thinks that the Jackal doesn't know that he is secretly Spider-Man. He's wrong, as he learns in Amazing Spider-Man #148149.

Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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