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Quote1 No! It can't be! Gwen is dead! That can't be her! Quote2

Appearing in "...And The Wind Cries: Cyclone!"

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Synopsis for "...And The Wind Cries: Cyclone!"

Web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man once more swears that he's seeing Gwen Stacy, but dismisses it only as guilt brought on over her death. Arriving at the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man changes into Peter Parker, where he learns that J. Jonah Jameson has suddenly left New York and left for France, leaving Joe Robertson in charge. Joe takes Peter out for lunch where he shows Parker a telegram from Jameson that asks Joe to pull one million dollars out of the Bugle's account and bring it to him in France immediately, and asks Peter if he'd go with him. Peter agrees but tells Joe that he has to get the time off his classes. After meeting with Professor Miles Warren, who's impressed with Peter's better grades, he allows for Parker's absence.

Peter goes to the airport with Mary Jane accompanying him, where they share their first kiss together before Peter boards the airplane for France. Upon arriving in France and checking into a hotel, Joe immediately gets a call from Jameson's kidnappers. Peter decides to follow Joe as Spider-Man. When Joe is attacked by costumed men, Spider-Man jumps into battle and fights them off. Before Joe can revive, Spider-Man knocks him out again to make sure that he doesn't see Spider-Man in action (and possibly learning Peter Parker's secret identity).

Before Spider-Man can take Joe to safety, he's attacked by the attacker's leader, a costumed super-villain known as Cyclone who has wind generating powers. After a brief battle, Cyclone is able to defeat Spider-Man, knocking the wall-crawler out by collapsing a building on him. As Spidey revives, he can only watch as Cyclone takes Joe Robertson hostage and tells Spider-Man if his demands for ransom are not met in the next 24 hours, he will murder both men.


Continuity Notes[]

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


Joe Robertson:

  •  Page 1-6  - Peter and Joe go to France to rescue J. Jonah Jameson.
  •  Page 7-18  - Joe attempts to broker a deal with Jameson's kidnappers.

Mary Jane Watson:

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