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Quote1 Help me, Peter! I'm so confused -- and so frightened! Promise you'll help me -- oh, Peter -- promise -- ! Quote2
Gwen Stacy

Appearing in "Gwen Stacy is alive...and, well...?!"

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Synopsis for "Gwen Stacy is alive...and, well...?!"

Peter Parker has returned from France to find that Gwen Stacy is apparently alive and well and waiting for him in his apartment. Shocked by this revelation, Peter is literally floored by the idea but quickly surmises that this Gwen must surely be an impostor before fleeing the scene and changing into Spider-Man. He then web-slings to the hospital where he goes to visit his Aunt May to check and see if she's okay.

As Peter visits with is Aunt May, Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, has been released from prison and is legally allowed to reclaim his Scorpion armor. Having not reformed, the Scorpion returns to his life of crime, robbing a bank. When Peter hears of the reports of the Scorpion's latest crime spree he changes into Spider-Man and goes out to stop his old foe.

The two engage in a battle which takes them to a nearby sand pit, where the Scorpion manages to gain the upper hand and knock Spider-Man into a concrete mixer and leaves him for dead. Spider-Man manages to free himself, but the Scorpion manages to get away. Changing back to Peter Parker, Spider-Man returns to the hospital. There he finds Mary Jane, Ned Leeds, and "Gwen Stacy" there waiting for him. When Peter snaps at the supposed impostor of Gwen, Ned blows Peter's mind with the facts: This Gwen came to the Bugle after Peter lashed out on her, and Ned checked her fingerprints and they were a match. More disturbing is the fact that Gwen Stacy's grave has not been touched, suggesting that someway, somehow, there are two Gwen Stacys: One living, one dead.


Continuity Notes[]

  • There are multiple mentions to the following facts:
  • As the narrative points out, the events of Marvel Team-Up #33 occur between the events of this story.
  • The Scorpion mentions how he was most recently defeated by Captain America and has been dreaming about revenge for two years. That happened in Captain America #152. However, he hates Spider-Man mostly, because he was the first to defeat him. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #20.

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


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