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Appearing in "Scorpion......Where is thy Sting?"

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Synopsis for "Scorpion......Where is thy Sting?"

In the secret base of the Jackal, the mysterious foe revels over the fact that after two long years of waiting, he'll finally get revenge against Spider-Man for murder. Meanwhile, Peter Parker walks the seemingly resurrected Gwen back to her apartment. However, when she asks Peter if he still loves her, he's at a loss for an answer. He leaves and decides to mull over his feelings towards Gwen and Mary Jane by web-slinging as Spider-Man.

Elsewhere the suburb of Monticello, New York, the Scorpion breaks into the home of crime boss Santonio. There he boasts that he killed Spider-Man and intends to take control of Santonio's turf. However, Santonio shows the Scorpion news footage showing that Spider-Man is very much alive. Furious, Scorpion leaves to get back at the wall-crawler. On his way out, he's attacked by the Jackal. The Jackal offers the Scorpion what he's been looking for: A chance at getting at Spider-Man once and for all.

Meanwhile, the wall-crawler himself has tracked down Mac Gargan's current address and snoops around. Inside he finds all the loot he's recently stolen and reports it to the police. He then returns to the hospital and changes back to Peter Parker to visit his Aunt May. There they are startled by the Scorpion who arrives coming to look for Spider-Man.

Peter is knocked aside, and Aunt May faints from shock. Frustrated, the Scorpion goes on a rampage through the hospital. Peter changes into Spider-Man and confronts the Scorpion. Their battle takes them outside of the hospital and onto the rooftops. There Spider-Man manages to knock the Scorpion off a building. In order to save himself from a fall, he grabs onto a statue out-cropping on the building and demands that Spider-Man save him, and that he'd do anything. Sure enough, Spider-Man does, under the condition that before being taken away from the police, that he apologize for frightening Aunt May. When he does so, she scolds the Scorpion for having no manners.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man recalls the Jackal hinting at knowing his true identity. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #140. How the Jackal knows is also revealed in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 149.

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