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Synopsis for "Shattered by the Shocker!"

Spider-Man finds himself trapped in a quickly filling sewer tunnel. Deciding to ride out the water flow and hope he doesn't drown, Spider-Man finds himself ejected out into the Hudson River. He then has to rush home, change his clothes and get back to Betty Brant and Ned Leed's engagement party and explain his sudden disappearance. When he arrives there, he finds that everyone's left Jameson's home, Mary Jane included -- and she was none too impressed by Peter's sudden disappearance.

The next day, Peter tries to patch things up with Mary Jane, but she's still mad at him. Called over to the lunch table where Flash and Harry Osborn are eating lunch, Flash tells Peter that Harry is moving in with him and they're becoming roommates.

Later that night as he web-slings across town, Spider-Man happens upon a news report from the mayor where he plays a recorded message from the Shocker. The Shocker is threatening to destroy a nearby power plant and black out the entire city if his demands are not met. The Mayor refuses to bow down to the demands. Spider-Man feels the added police guard around the power plant may not be enough to stop the Shocker and decides to get involved.

Arriving at the power plant, Spider-Man not only has to deal with the Shocker but the security guards who are trying to bust him as well as the Shocker. Fighting off the police, Spider-Man manages to get the best of the Shocker by webbing his hands on the triggering buttons of the Shocker's vibro-gauntlets. This causes the Shocker to violently recoil around the room until he finally passes out. Spider-Man then removes the gauntlets and webs up the Shocker, leaving him for the police to find with a note, giving Spider-Man the credit for defeating the Shocker.


Continuity Notes

  • Flash Thompson mentions how Peter was briefly his roommate. That lasted from Amazing Spider-Man #138140 when he got his new Chelsea apartment.
  • Spider-Man recounts how he had previously been to the power station in this story when he worked alongside Shang-Chi, Giant-Size Spider-Man #2.


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