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Synopsis for "My Killer, The Car!"

When spotting a group of costumed criminals that he has faced a few times before, Spider-Man's attempt to capture them is interrupted when he suddenly comes under attack from his own Spider-Mobile, which is under the remote control of his long-forgotten enemy, the Tinkerer. Spider-Man is forced to retreat when the police arrive and try to arrest him as well.

The next day, as J. Jonah Jameson loses yet another secretary, he finds an unaddressed package of photos on his desk that he believes will spell the end of Spider-Man. While Peter Parker and Mary Jane pay a visit to Aunt May in the hospital. May is in there once again, following another brush with Dr. Octopus. They find both Liz Allan and Harry Osborn have been there visiting May as well.

When Peter goes back out on patrol as Spider-Man once more, the Spider-Mobile again attacks him. This time, the vehicle takes Spider-Man prisoner and takes him to the Tinkerer and his robot, Toy. There, Spider-Man is shocked to see the "alien" Tinkerer. The Tinkerer, however, reveals that the alien aspect was a disguise meant to deter any further investigations against him.

Spider-Man is then pitted in a battle between the Tinkerer, Toy, and the Spider-Mobile. Spider-Man easily defeats them all, the battle leaving the Spider-Mobile a wreck. Fed up with dealing with the disastrous Spider-Mobile, Spider-Man hangs it outside, complete with a gift-wrapped bow and personal message, the office of Carter and Lombardo, the two advertising executives who had suggested he build the Spider-Mobile in the first place.


Continuity Notes

  • Jameson is dealing with yet another secretary, as Betty Brant is on vacation after her marriage in Amazing Spider-Man #156.
  • Following it's destruction here, the Spider-Mobile eventually finds itself in the Smithsonian, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #600.

Publication Notes

  • Irving Forbush is in the credits as Head Mechanic.
  • With this issue, Marvel raises the price of the book to thirty cents.

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