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Synopsis for "All The Kingpin's Men"

While riding on top of a city bus, Spider-Man notices an unmarked helicopter flying in the sky and finds it suspicious enough to check out. Sure enough, he witnesses the helicopter capture a shipping truck and takes it into the air. Spider-Man hitches a ride and finds himself fighting off a bunch of costumed thugs which he's fought a number of times prior. As he is distracted fighting a number of the thieves, they manage to steal the device the truck was shipping. With their mission accomplished, they drop Spider-Man and the truck back to the ground. Spider-Man manages to survive the fall by wrapping himself up in a web-ball.

Resuming his civilian guise, Peter Parker tries to pay a visit to Mary Jane with some flowers but finds that she's not home. Feeling rejected, he returns to his apartment where he finds that Mary Jane, Glory, Harry, Flash, Liz, Mrs. Muggins, Joe and Randy Robertson are all waiting there for him with a surprise: They've all chipped in for furniture for his apartment. When Flash Thompson keeps on butting in for time with Mary Jane, the annoyed Peter goes up to the roof of his building to think over his love life. There he almost intrudes on Harry Osborn and Liz Allan having a private moment alone.

Later that night, Spider-Man is out checking his leads on the thieves who stole the device. His search takes him to an abandoned movie studio. Inside, he finds that his old foe the Kingpin (no longer catatonic) is alive and well. The Kingpin and the wall-crawler end up battling each other. Spider-Man gains the upper hand in their one-on-one fight, however, it ends quickly when the Kingpin uses the gas in his lapel to incapacitate the wall-crawler. When Spider-Man revives, he finds himself attached to a machine with Richard Fisk, the Kingpin boasting about how he will not only kill Spider-Man but bring his son back to life as well.


Continuity Notes

  • Glory Grant mentions how Peter didn't have any furniture for his apartment when she last visited him. That was in Amazing Spider-Man #158.
  • The Kingpin hopes to revive his son, Richard, who has been in a near death state since Captain America #148.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


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