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  • Trans-Con Trucking Truck

Synopsis for "...Stalked By The Spider-Slayer!"

Marla Madison and J. Jonah Jameson are testing out the functions of the latest Spider-Slayer robot. Happy with the results, Jameson decides to take it out to destroy Spider-Man once and for all. While elsewhere, a new super-powered being called Will O' The Wisp has appeared and stolen a device out of a shipping truck.

Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane are about to go on a date when they happen upon Aunt May who is partaking in a protest for seniors rights because her landlord is trying to eliminate the rent control on the property they live in. When Peter's Spider-Sense kicks in, he quickly cancels his date with Mary Jane and sends her home on a bus. Changing into Spider-Man, Peter finds Jameson's Spider-Slayer robot, and after a brief battle, Spider-Man mockingly flees the battle when Jameson's robot bungles up an attack.

Flash Thompson, Liz Allan, and Harry Osborn all leave a movie together, and before Flash can confide in them about what's been bugging recently, they are visited by Harry's former psychiatrist, Barton Hamilton. Spider-Man pays a visit to Joe Robertson who's leaving home, inquiring if J. Jonah Jameson has been acting strange lately. Joe tells Spider-Man that other than cackling about some strange photographs he has locked in his desk, Jonah isn't any different. Joe then tells Spider-Man to never approach him at home and to butt out of his private life. Spider-Man apologizes and decides to check out these pictures that Joe had mentioned. He breaks into Jonah's office and takes them and flees before the security guard can spot him.

On his way back home, Spider-Man happens upon the Will O' The Wisp robbing a safe of an envelope. This causes a fight between the two, although Will O' The Wisp tries to talk to Spider-Man about his plight instead of fighting. Spider-Man is unwilling to listen and their fight finds Spider-Man knocked out a window. Landing on the ground, he's dropped the envelope he's taken from Jameson's office. Will O' The Wisp tries to take it (believing it to be the one that he came to steal.) Wisp uses his hypnotic powers to force Spider-Man into giving it over, however, their altercation is interrupted by the arrival of Jameson's Spider-Slayer robot.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man recounts the last few times that Jameson attacked him with Spider-Slayers. These times happened in Amazing Spider-Man #25, 58 and 105.

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