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Synopsis for "Murder On the Wind!"

Outside Rockefeller Center, Spider-Man is in a hypnotic trance induced by Will O' The Wisp, who wants to get a hold of an envelope that Spider-Man has. He believes it to be something he was sent out to steal, however it's really just photos that J. Jonah Jameson has been covenanting. This is interrupted when Jameson himself attacks the two in his new Spider-Slayer robot. The attack allows Spider-Man to snap out of the hypnotic spell, and Will O' The Wisp disappears when he suddenly feels pain in his mind. Spider-Man battles Jameson's robot and he webs the face of the robot's monitor display, temporarily blinding Jonah’s view. Jameson misguidedly directs the Slayer into a statue of Prometheus. The statue topples over, disabling the Spider Slayer unit. At Empire State University, Jonah angrily removes the virtual reality command headset and voices his frustration to Marla Madison.

Spider-Man later returns home to examine the photographs he stole from Jonah's office. Examining them, he finds that they are pictures of his final confrontation with the Spider-Man clone that he faced several weeks ago.

Later, Dr. Jonah Harrow speaks with the Will O' the Wisp. He has inserted an implant into his body, which will permanently discorporate his physical form, unless he agrees to kill Spider-Man. Back at Peter Parker's apartment, Peter is working on some new photos to try and cover for the fact that somehow got a hold of those photos. Mary Jane pops by for a visit, but after she leaves, Peter changes into Spider-Man and heads to Jameson's office and replaces the photos that he stole.

On his way back, he's attacked by Will O' The Wisp (observed by Jonas Harrow.) Wisp explains to Spider-Man of his conditions and how he's being forced to kill Spider-Man in ordered to be cured. Having defeated Spider-Man in battle, Wisp is about to kill Spider-Man, but realizes that he cannot bring himself to do it, because to do so would remove his last shred of humanity. Furious, Wisp tries to jump down and attack Harrow, however he disintegrates into nothingness. Spider-Man believes that Wisp was trying to point someone out in the crowd, but dismisses the idea and web-slings away.


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