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Synopsis for "Confrontation"

Stopping to inspect a hole in one of his boots, Spider-Man is witness to some crooks taking over a police paddy wagon, and prevents the crooks from getting away, turning them back over to the police. While at the lab of Marla Madison, J. Jonah Jameson and Madison are going over the damage done by Spider-Man to their Spider-Slayer robot. Jameson decides that it's best to go for plan b.

As Liz Allan picks Harry up from his psychiatrist's office, Peter Parker returns home and is visited by J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson presents the pictures of the Spider-Clone being disposed and Jameson believes that Spider-Man murdered Parker and took his place. Peter manages to throw off suspicion by showing Jameson a bunch of photos which he doctored for this occasion and tries to make it seem as though the Spider-Clone photos are fakes. When Jameson wonders how they could have been made if Parker had the source photos, Peter again deflects suspicion by suggesting that Harry Osborn could have done it when they were roommates and he believed himself to be the Green Goblin. This satisfies Jameson who leaves, denying Peter's request for a raise, Peter who is relieved to have tricked Jonah can only laugh over the whole experience.

Later, while web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man's spider-sense brings him to the attention of a strange man skulking around the streets. Gabbing the guy and making him talk, he learns that he's part of a group of men who are using a laser to drill a hole in a specific subway tunnel. Spider-Man goes to the location and busts ups the men. When he's finished defeating them, he's then confronted by their leader -- Dr. Faustus.


Continuity Notes

  • The photos seen here of Spider-Man disposing of his clone were taken circa Amazing Spider-Man #151. Some facts:
    • The Spider-Clone was created by the Jackal in Amazing Spider-Man #149. The clone seemingly perished that same issue but it will resurface again in Web of Spider-Man #114.
    • The identity of the person who took these photos is revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #180.
    • Peter explains that he faked the photos using a method called "double exposure" a method of exposing two images on the same piece of film to create a new image. The methods of how he did this could be considered a topical reference as film cameras are slowly becoming obsolete in favor of digital cameras, however traditionalists and some professionals still use film for photography, preferring the quality provided.
  • However, the appearance of Stan Lee in this story should not be considered a Topical Reference. Marvel creators are exempt from the Sliding Timescale rules of Earth-616. Instead they all exist in the Modern Age as though they are in the relative prime of their lives.

Publication Notes

  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Watanabe pages 2-17.


The letters page includes a letter from Frank Miller praising Ross Andru's artwork.

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