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Appearing in "The Fiend from the Fire!"

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  • Rocket Board

Synopsis for "The Fiend from the Fire!"

While out taking pictures on Wall Street, Peter Parker happens to witness the Rocket Racer making a theft and goes after him as Spider-Man. The amateur villain gives the wall-crawler a good chase, but ultimately bungles the theft and crashes, and Spider-Man drops him off for the police to pick up. Meanwhile, Liz Allan is saying good night to Harry Osborn after another date, when she returns home she is confronted by her half brother, the Molten Man. Peter meets up with Harry, and when they see Liz suddenly go in a cab, the fact that she ignores them worries both men.

Peter makes a stop at the Daily Bugle, where he sells his photos of the Rocket Racer to Jameson. Jameson acts uncharacteristically when Marla Madison stops by. While Peter is discussing Jameson's current romance with Glory Grant (Jameson's new secretary) and Joe Robertson, a call comes to Peter from the police asking him to come down to the station. Going down there, Peter finds that Liz Allan has been arrested for trying to steal drugs from a hospital, she asks Peter to tell Harry she's sorry and doesn't explain what she's doing.

Knowing her past history, Peter decides to go and investigate as Spider-Man, and searching the various hospitals in the city, he happens upon one being robbed by the Molten Man. Still in an unstable state since their last encounter, the Molten Man is burning up whatever he touches. After a lengthy fight, the Molten Man escapes, leaving Spider-Man to be stopped by police who happen on the scene and hold him at gunpoint.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Joe Robertson mentions how Marla Madison built the last Spider-Slayer sent against Spider-Man. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #166169.
  • Liz Allan's name is misspelled as "Allen" throughout the issue.

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