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Appearing in "The Hitman's Back in Town!"

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Synopsis for "The Hitman's Back in Town!"

When members of the Peoples Liberation Front rob a gun shop, the Punisher is there to stop them and he stamps them out. Meanwhile, Spider-Man returns home from his battle with the Molten Man and finds that he's aggravated his arm injury that he sustained fighting his old foe. Meanwhile, the Hitman is back in town and he's been hired by the PLF to capture J. Jonah Jameson.

Peter Parker meanwhile checks in on Harry Osborn, following Liz's flight from their impending marriage. There, Peter pulls Harry off Flash Thompson when Flash's comments about Liz anger Harry. They then take Harry to see his psychiatrist.

Later, J. Jonah Jameson and Marla Madison arrive at the Daily Bugle. Entering Jameson's office they are held at gunpoint by the Hitman. Quick thinking, Marla pushes the intercom button on Jameson's desk. Peter Parker hearing that the Hitman is going to take Jameson hostage, sneaks away and changes into Spider-Man. He bursts into Jameson's office at the same time as the Punisher who's been tracking the Hitman since he learned of the Hitman's link to the PLF.

Spider-Man and the Punisher fight the Hitman, however, the Hitman manages to capture Jameson and take him to the roof. Chasing them up there, the Punisher lets loose with his automatic weapons as the Hitman escapes with Jameson in a miniature helicopter, Spider-Man can only watch in horror and hope that Jameson doesn't get hit by a stray bullet.


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  • Inks (issue pages): Mooney pages 1-17, DeZuniga pages 22-31.

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